02 sensor codes?

so after getting the car finally tuned for cat delete, I found out the previous owner had deleted a couple fault codes p3247 and p3288. Any advice? Not sure if going straight to replacing the 02 sensor will solve it or not. Really not wanting to pay to drop the motor back out right now. Probably can’t afford it right now.

Which O2 sensor (what is the detail of the fault?)


P3247- emissions bank 4 sensor 2 heater circuit open circuit.
P3288- linear 02 sensor exhaust gas bank 4/ pump current open circut.

Clear the codes but you want to make sure they don’t come back.,

It’s possible the 02s were damaged when they were removed then replaced. That is very common.

Open circuit codes even for the heater can lead to the 02s coming off line. I would be very careful and monitor that to assure this isn’t a current issue. Generally if you get those codes they tend to come back.

They do come back right away. Should I be ordering a new 02 sensor or is there something I should be taking a look at beforehand?

If you’re getting a code for 02s. You really need to replace them. You can log your lambda values to see if they are in operational mode or not. Either way I would change them.

As I said, it’s common that people end up doing damage to the 02s on removal. Chances are they were damaged during the work you had done. I obviously don’t know all of the particulars of the work but if you had your cats out they took out the 02s and open circuit codes are in 02 terms not good.

Thats the answer I was looking for. Thank you, I’ll be ordering right now