034 in the game

Seems like a nice kit at 1/2 the price of APR. Makes less HP, so it will be interesting to see what it runs in the 1/4 mile.



yeah ive been watching this. It makes less than the APR BUT i also read that many people with the APR kit were reporting way below what APR was advertising. Id love to see APR on 93 and this on 93 and see what both are making.

any examples of that? we saw that with the RS4 kit. Both on the dyno, and the 1/4 mile. Huge disparity.

This is interesting to see. 03 has a history of making parts that dont fit very well but you would think by the look of the kit that they are more serious with this kit. There have been lots of guys that were complaining about how bad the APR kit ran and a few of lower then expected power. For the price difference it would almost make sense to give the 034 kit a try

Ive always been happy with my 034 products. I have quite a lot on my S4. motor mounts, snub mount with bracket, Adj UCA, LCA, Metal tie rods, Front and rear Sway end links, Upper strut mounts.

As far as turbo’s and so forth i cant comment, ive only used their suspension components.

Saki here is something


I know Marty was complaining alot more in that section and he eventually sold everything.