034 Rear Sway -mk3 TTS confirmed fit

Installed in under and hour with only minor swearing. Follow the directions 034 supplies, the only difference is that they have you loosen the sensor bracket at the bottom part only (the articulating piece with the green arm) it was impossible to remove the sway with just the bottom part removed, not sure if this is specific to the TTS or because I was doing it on jack stands in my garage. I ended up taking the whole piece off (4 T25s) and it made it tremendously easier to get the sway out and the new one back in.

Also caution when unbolting the exhaust, the valve control wires are fairly tight unless you remove them from the retaining clips which I recommend, it’s takes three seconds.

The sway is significantly heavier than stock and the quality of the brackets is worlds above the stock ones.

It was raining tonight so I didn’t get to test it all that much, I will follow up once I have had some seat time.

Next up is their subframe mounts (ordered just waiting for box to arrive) and hopefully the end links once I can confirm they will work.


Stock bar info


On the TT with it being two door did you notice a difference in the addition of the sway bar…

I had it on the stiffest setting, and over concrete roads it’s did feel bouncy, not like bad springs or struts but more like it is strung so tight it hopped.

I installed the end links today (from 034 as well) and moved it to the softer setting…much,much better. Put a dedicated house or so driving around on my go to roads feeling the car out. It’s not as tight, but tighter than stock; but doesn’t bounce any more.

Curious if the Golf R is a similar experience, this car is so…stiff/connected when I jack it up, just normal height all the tires but one significantly lift off the ground.