08 Q7 slow starting??

Hi All,
Joined the site last week, bought my Q7 about a month ago. I have noticed it has been starting slower in the morning but fine after driving the rest of the day??
Anyone else here experience this.
Thanks in advance…

Forgot to mention my Q7 has the 3.6 engine and I did talk with the PO and he said never changed/serviced it in 5 years that he owned it.

Today I received all the paperwork from the dealership from day one, no mention of battery service, not sure how long the Audi batteries can hold out…

So does anyone think its time for a new battery to solve the delayed starting when cold/cooler…I thought I saw somewhere I can see my batteries strength through the MMI, is that possible??

There is another battery thread going in the s6 forums. Test out the battery and see what it says. It could of course be a starter or the like, but start yiur troubleshooting with a proper battery test. Probably want to check the specs and build date of the battery to see how old it is. 5 years would be a reasonable run for a battery in a q7 I would think.

Climate also effects this, extreme heat or extreme cold can really mess with batteries.

Ok, sounds good battery test it is.

I did place a digital charger on it last weekend just to see what it would read and the level came back low and it took about an hour & half to charge to 90%, but I will get a better test done than that.

I will research the starter as well…

thanks again.

Hello All,
Just following up on this, yes my battery was on the way out. The crazy thing is it was the original Audi battery and it held all these years.


Great job on the follow up. Believe it or not these Audis are really prone to have issues with low batt voltage situations.

Not really, I have found a lot of original batteries in Audis. It actually was an easy sell on most C6 A6s, Q7s, and D3 A8s after 5 years since the computer would say that there was too much amperage throughput according to the battery monitoring system.

Too bad the battery is under the heavy driver’s seat on the Q7.

yeah, getting to the battery is crazy, I had to buy a special torx socket just for that. I leave the socket in the glove box now just in case or when I need to access battery, which I hope is not for a long time.

Cool, thing though, I was able to use that socket on my son’s 07 S8 to remove the engine hooks (same size).

Those are called triple squares and I would recommend that you get a set of stubby triple square sockets since they are commonly used on these cars all over.