08 s6 v10 very clean in ct

Listing my girl, please don’t hesitate to pm, will gladly answer any questions thanks guys like the new look of the forum. Hope it continues. https://newhaven.craigslist.org/cto/d/milford-2008-audi-s6-v10/7048041876.html

Sorry to see it up for sale. Keep us posted. What are you looking to get into after this

GLWS, wow so close I just moved up into your neck of the woods 3 months ago. would’ve been nice to meet up.

Decided to keep it, deal fell through on other car and it’s been good to me so hard to part with it for the unknown. Cheers guys

I think long run you will be happier with the S6

If there’s any interest I found a new ride so she’s going up, not in a rush but if I can find it a good home https://newhaven.craigslist.org/cto/d/milford-2008-audi-s6/7104993422.html

wow did she sell already?

Not yet, I’m not in a big rush, but if a normal person comes along that’s not a tire kicker. There going to get a hell of a deal… I’m anal with my cars and this thing is as tight as a glove. The lower mileage ones are getting hard to find too. Just turned 74 k miles but I try to refrain from using it to often, the add seems to expired I’m gonna repost it shortly

I tried so hard to get this when I was first looking. Lol glws