0B5 DSG, S-tronic, 7-speed 35000 mile service, fluid and filter B8 A4, A4, A5,

I need to do the service on our new S5. Some decisions I made. One I went with Luquimoly DSG Oil as it was designed with VW and Audi and met the required spesifications. Reason $37 list price $26 my cost for Audi bottled fluid and $16 a litre for Liquimoly. I also did the spark plugs as they to were do.
Total cost for the DSG service is $150. That includes 8 litres of fluid, a filter a ridiculously priced o-ring and a crush washer for the drain plug.

I also used the ECS DSG tool I already owned for the 6-speed DSG in my TTS.

  1. Lift the car level and not on the wheels.
  2. Remove the cover panels.
  3. Remove the drain plug from the transmission pan.
  4. Reinstall the drain plug after its done draining with a new crush washer and torque to 45nm.
  5. Remove the filter cover using a 17mm wrench.
  6. Reach up and pop the filter out.
  7. Lubricate the new filters small o-ring with some oil.
  8. Lubricate with some oil the new filter cover o-ring and install.
  9. Re-install the filter cover and torque to 8nm. You can get an extension with a universal to the cover from the front.
  10. Remove the oil fill plug in the middle and halfway up the left side of the transmission.
  11. Install the fill hose into the hole. I tie wrapped it to some piping to keep it in the hole.
  12. If you are using the factory or some other fill tool connect the air hose up with 10-20 psi and screw the first bottle in then turn it upside down and open the valve to pressurize the bottle.
  13. Put 4 litres in the transmission.
  14. Then follow the attached procedures that in summary have you start the car run the transmission through the gears.
  15. Then add fluid till it slowly runs out the fill hole.
  16. Warm it up to 30c to 50c and fill it till it dribbles out the hole.
  17. Put the fill plug back and torque it to 45nm.
  18. Button it back up.












Nice DIY. Really helps to see the real photos with the schematics.

Thanks, I couldn’t find the info anywhere on the web in a diy.

Excellent work. Plus karma

How many miles are on the car that made you do this?

Was at 44,000 miles! Wasn’t done at 35,000, we just got the car.

This didnt pop up for me on not seen stuff. Great write up as always