0b5 transmission issue

Hi everyone I’m new here but I saw some post with lots idea.
I have 2010 audi s4 dsg and my error is clutch 1 and 2 high pressure and I tried to do adaptation will failed all time for safety reasons.Before it was leaking oil from the safety port (small hole above the transmission connector which is for safety so the gear oil won’t mix with dtc oil) but I plugged that one and was checking the dtc oil if it will gets overfilled which it was and the clutch one started to slip and throw me a code for clutch 2 pressure high so I decided to remove the trans and replace the shaft seal.
So I bought the clutch friction plate to and replaced the metal plate were good.
Now I can’t do the adaptation and throws 2 codes for pressure clutch 1 and 2 and plus adaptive learning
The codes are p2789 adaptive learning at limit
And P17D7 clutch pressure to high

Checked all solenoid for resistance all are good little to high like .3 or .5
If anyone have any idea will be appreciated

Bad news is your early B8 DSG is probably a Gen 1 or Gen 1.5 hardware so they tended to have more problems than the '13-on Gen 2’s. '13’s were Gen 2 hardware but the latest Mechatronic electronics didn’t come out until '14.
I know there is the vent on top towards the back is that what you are referring to when you say the safety port? The vent port shouldn’t be plugged as it is there to equalize pressure when the transmision is hot and to allow for overflow of fluid when it it extremely hot. Are you saying you disassembled the clutch basket and replaced some friction plates? How many miles on it?

Hi thank u the respond. The leak was on drain port which the shaft gasket was bad and it won’t mixed the oil together I will attach some photos so u have clear picture. Yes your correct I think it’s gen 1 and that means the tcu is bad or just software.
My other questions is can I replace the transmission with one from 2015 which the trans code is pww because they’re more cheaper and more liable than what I have. I know I have to change the diff and shaft but can audi will be able to program it or someone ?
Thank again

If it has the same final drive you should have no problem swapping it out. I replaced my NSD coded '13 RS5 transmission with a PXL coded '15 transmission (same gearing and final drive so the mecahnical part was easy). Once in you will be able to start up and read codes but will get an immobilzer fault for the transmission and it will not go into any gear (I had hoped it would go into limp mode at least but it wouldn’t). You will have to take it to an Audi dealer as they will have to code the immobilizer as the transmissions are VIN coded to the car, they link into Audi Germany to some kind of master database when doing it. Took the tech at my dealer 15~20min.