10 second TTRS at the track

I saw this video posted on Fourtitude. Kit looks nuts. Car seems to fly!


that’s intense. Must be 650-700 whp or so.

To save anyone the agravation of clicking to another site.

Sounds like the car has no exhaust but a open down pipe. I cant see the exhaust really killing that much time. The car has a super impressive 142mph trap. Those 5cylinder cars really are crazy. I didnt see much if anything posted about the kit

MVI 1334: http://youtu.be/TASga_mqf4A

That was IROZ with their top shelf turbo kit

i think i read in that thread the PBOX was saying a 0-60 2.7. Car seems to really book.

I really dont by into the PBOX stuff. Not to say its not true. the track time says that is very possible. Shame the 5cyl motor isnt in more cars. I think its a great motor and it clearly puts down fantastic times.

That car is crazy fast. From what I have seen this isnt something unusual the RSTT cars are very quick with the after market kits.

We had a Pbox at the track with us last time we went and it was significantly off (always better than the real world results). In 4 runs on two different cars it was off by ~.1-.2 tenths and ~2-4 MPH off the actual track slips.

The B8 S4 that ran 12.41 @114 the Pbox said he ran a 12.30 @116, it also said his 0-60 was 3.7, I didn’t see what the second run was, but apparently it was off by closer to 2 tenths

The auto B7 S4 that ran 13.78 @ 103 MPH, the Pbox said 13.62 @105

To an enthusiast I guess 1-2 tenths and a few mph is not a big deal, but any of the serious drag racers will think your retarded for quoting Pbox ##'s

Pbox measures final speed at 1320 feet rather than trap speed so it will always be optimistic by about 1 mph

Pbox assumes you staged shallow perfectly with 12" rollout. People usually fuck that up and end up with 3-4" of rollout . That can cost you easily a full tenth. Maybe 2.

It’s not that bad.