2.0 TSI Possible Boost Leak with Logs

Hi all.

I own a 2010 A3 sportback TSI 2.0T with stage 2 custom remap, downpipe, boost pipes, S3 intercooler and CTS intake and a GFB DV+.

Ever since i got it remapped i wasn’t happy with the way my logs looked.

N75 is maxed out and seems like boost could be better.

I haven’t pressure tested the system because i can’t find a decent mechanic in my area to do the test.

I did visually inspect all the connections of intake to turbo, turbo to intercooler and intercooler to TB and couldn’t find any leaks at all! I also tested my DV (GFB DV+) and it seems perfectly fine.

I am hoping to get some of the GURUs here to help me out with directions on how to further test / find the issue.

TBH i am suspecting the WG at this point.

Here’s the log : https://www.dropbox.com/s/2pxwcxnlaq86kb4/LOG-01-03F-20F-311-1148-115C-2.CSV?dl=0

Forgot to mention I swapped the n75 for a new one.

Who is doing the custom tuning?

I am from Brazil. It’s a local tuner here. I am not happy with the tune but before going k04 or changing tunes I wanted to figure out the problem first.

I tried to look at the logs and they came up not separated so I’ll have to look at them again. I will tell you how they look.

Until I can look at them what is your major concern. Are you getting codes or a cel. Or do you just think it might be an unsafe tune. Do you have a boost gauge.

Thanks for trying to help out.

Well, the car does drive fine and there is no CEL or DTC to speak of.

Compared to other similarly spec’d cars mine feels a bit underpowered and by looking at the logs I see that teh n75 is maxed out during all wot pulls which doesn’t seem healthy and I see that the requested boost isn’t reached.

Basically, if I hadn’t been that anal about the car I wouldn’t even know I have a problem lol.

Maybe I am wrong and I really don’t, I am not expect at reading vcds logs so I am hoping for some more knowledgeable members to help me out make sense of what’s happening.

Btw, the atmospheric pressure were I live is around 1017 mbar.

I do not have a boost gauge. I use torque to monitor boost usually.

I will look at the logs again trying to load them with a different program. But if your not making your requested boost you should be getting a code for that. Kinda not good that your not seeing a code. Also there is a max limit to what the n75 can run at just so these things don’t happen. No codes and a maxed out n75 might not be a good thing. It might not be an issue either depending on what the logs look like. I’ll look again in a few hours. I will use a different program to open the file. That should help in the data being lined up

thanks man! btw what programs are the out there to open the logs ?

i only know of this : http://vcviewer.com

Or audilogs.com

Run by our very own Mistro

niiiice! what a find!
awesome service, bookmarked and already using it full on! :slight_smile:

Any issues, just make a post and PM Mistro, it’s a little side project of his but he put lots of work into it so I’m sure feedback welcomed

OK looking over your logs and then comparing them to a standard 2.0t performance tune. There is definitely something wrong with your car you should be making way more boost much sooner. Your cat isn’t asking for anything crazy boost wise. I would look at your turbo after one pull I bet is glowing. If your don’t find out where the leak is you could do real damage to your turbo

Have you checked your pcv system

Ok thanks. what do you mean look at the turbo after one pull?

I haven’t checked the pcv no, but I thought I should be seeing a code if a pcv fails.

I’ll also try to swap my dv for a new one, thinking maybe teh solenoid is shot.

Small update, did a oil cap test today and the engine didn’t really care the oil cap is open.

Guess my PCV is shot, going to change it today and update here.

here’s a video of the test i’ve done :


Good call on the PCV. hope it’s that and nothing else.

I think he means it’s hot

Here’s a new log, it looks better pos PCV change.

I do however think i still have something wrong going on looking at my N75 d.c


Where can i see a good performing stage 2 2.0T log ?