2.0 TSI Possible Boost Leak with Logs

Hi all.

I own a 2010 A3 sportback TSI 2.0T with stage 2 custom remap, downpipe, boost pipes, S3 intercooler and CTS intake and a GFB DV+.

Ever since i got it remapped i wasn’t happy with the way my logs looked.

N75 is maxed out and seems like boost could be better.

I haven’t pressure tested the system because i can’t find a decent mechanic in my area to do the test.

I did visually inspect all the connections of intake to turbo, turbo to intercooler and intercooler to TB and couldn’t find any leaks at all! I also tested my DV (GFB DV+) and it seems perfectly fine.

I am hoping to get some of the GURUs here to help me out with directions on how to further test / find the issue.

TBH i am suspecting the WG at this point.

Here’s the log : https://www.dropbox.com/s/2pxwcxnlaq86kb4/LOG-01-03F-20F-311-1148-115C-2.CSV?dl=0