2008 Audi A6 Bumper Cover

Hi Everyone I was hoping i could get a little help. I purchased a 2008 AUDI A6 S-Line i think. I accidentally parked over the parking bump and it ripped my bumper off. I tried to epoxy the edges but that did not help and the bumper has completely fallen off. I purchased a Bumper Cover from Ebay (https://www.ebay.com/itm/222057367725) part number 4F0807105AGRU. Im now learning that there are a bunch of different variations of the bumper. Could someone let me know if this bumper will work for my car? what are the different types of bumpers.

Thank you for all your help guys

I think the best course of action if you really want to be sure might be to ask an Audi dealer. They can tell the part number based on plates / VIN number. As far as I know the S-line bumper is different than the regular, and then there’s the facelift bumpers for both normal and S-line.

My .02… because I was in your shoes last winter.
I ripped the bumper off my c6 s6 and broke the tabs also. I just bought new side brackets and put it back on with the two supporting front bolts. It has not moved a mm since