2008 s6 budget air ride

After purchasing my s6 i immediately started trying to come up with the cheapest way to get the car on air ride. My original plan was oem style rear bags, and bags that fit over the front struts with a cheap manual management setup. My original goal was to get it done for under $1000. I ended up finding a nice air management setup with Bluetooth for $600, so I snagged that. My $1000 budget at that point was still possible but unlikely. I then came across a complete airlift kit for a c7. I studied pictures and installation instructions for both kits and decided to give it a go. Fronts are going to require welding, but rears were pretty much a bolt on ordeal. This project will probably take me a few months to get buttoned up with my current schedule, but I had to jump right in to see if this was even going to be a possibility.

Awesome to see a landyacht on air! I had to fab in a custom setup for my 07 S6. I bought a full kit AirLift 3P off c6 a6 from a local. Fit well but corroded and leaky because of all the Maine winters it suffered through. I replaced 3 of the 4 bags and all fittings. I was told from Airlift the rear bags have been discontinued for c6 model. I did however have a friend with a b7 set I could compare them to and turns out with a custom spacer on the bottom the b7 bag emulates the c6 one. It likely would have worked without the spacer, but I wasnt looking to carolina squat my S6. Looking forward to seeing more progress from your project!

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I think I am going to have some of my rear bag brackets shaved down. I would like another inch of drop in the rear. But for now I’m just trying to get it done. What size wheels are you running in those pictures?

OEM s7 wheels, 20"x9" ET37, 255/35/r20 tires. That was about as wide as the fenders would allow me to go.

I have been out of the stance game for a long time. This will be my first time on air. I’m ther than the oem air setup my allroad had.

Was able to adjust the rear struts and now the rear sits exactly where I want. Going to get the rear air lines ran and throw a schrader valve on until I get the fronts done and set up my management.

Rear wheels are completely put back together, air lines ran into the trunk. Currently have a schrader valve in the trunk to fill the rear bags. Started working on the fronts. Oem struts are out. I picked up the cheapest a6 replacement struts I could buy to cut the bottom mount off of to weld to the c7 airlift strut mounts. I hope to have the fronts mocked up this weekend.

One front bag is mocked up. So far I am happy with how it is turning out. Picture of it aired out and at roughly ride height.

Made some progress on the air ride. Going to start on the management next week. Picked up some new wheels this morning. I love how it is turning out.


Getting my air management setup ready. Getting really close to finishing it up.


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Trunk setup is complete and the wiring is ran for the controller to the front. Issues I am currently having are front solenoid leaking (guessing faulty part), finding switched power in the rear to turn the compressor on, currently have it on constant power to test everything, and then same issue up front. I assumed cig lighter was switched power but it is constant. Only thing I am worried about is the leaking solenoid. I am going to clean the wiring up more, but I am not going crazy. I don’t want to shorten any of the wires in case I end up wanting to use this setup on another car with the battery in the front. Pretty happy with how clean the trunk itself turned out, only thing I plan on doing is ordering more 90 degree fittings for the tank to the distribution block so the airline is cleaner.

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Trunk wiring is cleaned up, and as far as I plan on going. Airlines will be trimmed once I confirm there are no leaks.

Alright, everything is buttoned up. I bought the car 6 months ago and it is hardly recognizable at this point. Adding a few before pictures.


Final post unless anybody has questions or I have a major update. Ordered a sheet of 1/8 abs plastic from Amazon and made a better mount for my air controller. I used the plate that came with the controller and the factory cup holder as templates and made this. Came out super clean in my opinion

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Looks pretty amazing