2009 D3 S8 Engine Codes P2004 & P0160

Fellow Audis, finally got IM installed runs really well but now comes two annoying codes and I can’t figure out how to fix…ANY HELP??

The answer to these will help us help you

Did you install intake spacers?

What code reader tool do you have?

While P codes can be very helpful. Vag com gives you deep dive information that can tell more of the story.

Thx I did not install spacers the code reader was just a basic over the counter reader that basically reads and resets. The print out from the reader had just those two codes: P2004 says IM runner control stuck open bank 1 and P0160 O2 circuit no activity detected bank 2 sensor 2…

Check your intake motor arm and electronic connection. Check the arm for interference and the connection to make sure you have the right plug going to the right motor. You might have them backwards

As for the 02. Thats not good but it’s also not enough data. sounds like you have a bad 02 or a small 02 glitch code. Clear the codes and see if the 02 code comes back

That’s logical but are the connectors interchangeable? So they can all plug into one another they’re not specifically keyed…wow…okay I’ll check by unplugging the closet connectors and switching them around…the O2 could be a result of these not being properly connected I’ll check after adjusting thanks for the help

So that suggestion was absolutely correct…I had the connectors on the wrong IMRC can’t believe they didn’t let all of them wow…

Bank 2 O2 sensor code is now the last and final check engine light dilemma…is that the one left side near firewall trying to find diagrams but coming up empty, thanks!

Yes most don’t know you can install them wrong.

CVs question helps us know why your getting the code for the intake.

As for the 02. There are 4 banks
bank 1 and bank 2 are on the passenger side
bank 3 and bank 4 are on the driver side

Sensor 1 is always going to be the primary sensor. Sensor 2 is going to be back sensor.