2009 D3 S8 Intake Manifold Replacement- Easy or Hard?

I’m at a dilemma, the arm of a sensor that connects to the manifold has worn out. To my knowledge you can’t just replace the control unit at the front of the engine the little arm is attached to the intake manifold and I have to replace the entire manifold, ouch! Only Audi would make this complicated move, right? Need some advice as to whether I should attempt this replacement of the manifold myself or take it to the shop? A new manifold I’ve sourced is $3K with a couple upgrades on the rods…any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!

JHM has intakes for about 1900$ so that is a good chunk better then the 3k you mentioned, add in JHM always has the latest versions of intake and your much better than anything else…Also there is no need to update anything on the rods on the intake. So anything that has modified the rods I would be incredibly skeptical about

If you can snap a picture of the broken arm. Some of them can be replaced or repaired depending on the issue.

Depending on your mechanical ability, the replacement of the intake isn’t out of the reach of most mid level wrench mechanics.

Great advice thanks. I’m mechanically inclined just wasn’t sure if I needed any special tools or if I needed to replace the rods while it’s removed…vehicle only had 105K on it…here’s a couple of photos:

Welcome to the site. Technically it looks like you might fall into the catigory of can just expxy that back on. Some of those lever arms just slide off.

Still…it’s not if your intake will break fully it’s just when. So even if your able to slide the flap back on chances are good the intake is on its way out.

Just to keep with what countvohn said. A new intake shouldn’t cost 3k and there shouldn’t be any modifications done to the new intakes. They’ve been updated to fix most of the issues that happen and the rods are not one of the issues.

I’m trying epoxy overnight tonight to see if it holds…there is some pressure on that arm so not sure it’ll work or for how long. But I’ll see if it will hold then make the decision to replace IM as suggested by CV. Does anyone know if any special tools are needed for the removal of the IM? Any specific videos out there for the removal? Just looking for a guide just in case, thanks!

So, I tried the epoxy and as I expected didn’t work. I’ll be ordering a new intake manifold after I speak with the guys at AudiParts…JHM doesn’t have one that fits according to their site for a V-10 only V-8 models…


Thats right fromtheir site.

Generally for several reasons most guys get the intakes from JHM. 1 because JHM is supporting still the platform. So it an investment into your own platform. And two most part houses have the older intake manifolds that don’t have the updated internials.

So for a few reasons its good to try JHM first.

Well, ordered IM from JHM Thursday so it’s on the way…any special tools needed to buy for the job? T30 sets etc?

Fellow Audi 2009 D3 S8 experts…Intake Mani finally came removed old one and now debating cleaning injectors while here; is it advisable to clean or replace with new ones?

image definitely need carbon cleaning WOW

The worse the carbon is in the ports the bigger amount of carbon damage you are going to have to the injectors.

Its not if the injectors are going to fail or start to run down it is more when and how much. At this point I would order a new set of injectors and just call it a day. Also helpful tip if you got the JHM intake spacers make sure to remember to pull the motor pull points when reinstalling the intake with the JHM spacers.

Also its advisable that you don’t put back in the port spacers. They tend to be more of a carbon magnet than anything else.

It also looks like your oil filter housing O rings might need replacing. So that is another good thing to do now while the intake is off.

Good work so far.

Okay I’m ready to reassemble the 2009 D3 S8…does anyone know the torque factory specs for the intake manifold??