2011 Audi A4 Oil Consumption Problem

What’s up guys, I have an Audi A4 with an oil consumption problem. The problem is getting worse and the estimated cost to fix it is $3,650. The spark plugs need to be changed every six months!!! The other day I changed the spark plugs, but my car is still shaking, and the engine light flashes when I go above 70mph. I am pretty sure that all these problems come from the oil consumption problem but I don’t have that kind of money right now. Are there any tips or something y’all suggest I can do? Also I might get my gasket changed soon but it depends on how much it cost.

Well it all starts with what all you have at your disposal. Can you do things like a compression and leak down test? do you have a vag com. I would say that is a good place to start is getting an idea on what you are and are not able to do. That can then help guide direction

Update. We figured out that oil is jumping and leaking into where the spark plugs are located. Obviously that is not good. Gonna get that fixed on Monday and hopefully it’ll go over 70mph. Do y’all think it’s worth it to take my car to the dealership to get it fixed for the oil consumption problem? Gonna sent me back about $3,500.

I think understanding what the $3,500 is for would help make better sense in giving you some directional guidance.

Most likely a cam cradle reseal. Basically have to remove the camshafts and reinstall.

I think you’re right. It won’t cost much to fix that problem.

So we got it fixed and the car runs so smooth. Only 1 tiny problem. A lot of exhaust comes out, like when I’m at a red like and go exhaust comes out. Also if the car is still for a long time like a drive-thru exhaust starts coming out. It’s not a normal amount either, it’s an excessive amount. Anyone know what the problem might be or how to fix it?

Update here is what we fixed.