2017 base 911 pdk does 0-60 in 3.4s, 1/4 mile 11.9 118mph


Yup two tenths faster to 60 than a NA GTS and same 1/4 time. It’s quick for sure…

I know those are just pbox numbers, but that’s still pretty damn impressive for the non-s model 911.

Granted, it comes out to $110k after options, so it’s definitely not the small step up from anything these days and is a league of it’s own. I do look forward to seeing what the tuners get out of them as they start to play around with them.

Porsche has always known how to make a car accelerate. Those are solid numbers but for perspective, those are basically Audi S6 from 5 years ago times…and a base 911 is $20,000 more than a new S6

You can get it for $99k MSRP or $110k if you go nuts. The perf is 997 turbo territory for well under $100k.

I agree, but for 20k more you get a true sports car that also pulls well over 1g consistently as well. I like the s6 and appreciate the usability more than a 911 hence my choice assuming it’s only my first or second car.

If it’s a third car if appreciate it more, but more so in the GT series form, possibly the TTS, and if I’m at that level I’m cross shopping the r8 v10 and others and while they may be slower in some scenarios it still has a fair bit more soul than any S series, and it’s possibly more fun to drive on the street and even the track depending on the type of track and ultimate car selection

Love the S and RS series for what they are, I see them as great complements to true sports cars in the garage. Because most of the time you can ring out the s and rs more on the street with actually usability vs these true sports cars, which you can only appreciate close to there limits

My issue is RS brakes are pretty bad where base Porsche brakes are pretty overkill even for track work.

Yeah even my cayenne GTS breaks wth motul 5.1 haul car down better than the s6 I had with tech stars and motul brake fluid and my gf stock m235i. Almost zero fade weven in this heavy ass suv, wth much better feedback

Well the thread title is about acceleration, and the 911 accelerates like a 5 year old Audi S6 that is bone stock and weighs 4000 lbs. He’s crowing about how amazing it is, but my point is that it isn’t. Maybe compared to his car, but not compared to the $100k market. Or the $70k market in the S6’s case.

Want to talk about pulling 1G? Great. Congratulations. While we’re talking about non-sequitors the S6 can carry 4 people and 4 suitcases, and rip through 18 inches of snow.

Want to focus on acceleration? The new 911 isn’t all that exciting.

what RS brakes are you referring to? Since you have an S4 which comes with A4 brakes and marginally larger rotors…

last time I checked the RS4 guys who track their cars with 8 piston brembos are pretty happy with their cars and don’t complain about their stock RS brakes.

Agreed the base 911 is never exciting…no matter what this version is more exciting then the previous. I would also bet on almost all circumstances a 991.2 will beat a s6 in acceleration, however it will lose in all other usable categories such as suitcases as you mentioned

B7 RS4 brakes = fantastic!
B8.5 RS5 steel brakes = need help because Audi cheaped out from the factory

No Bueno jimmy

Why? I am going to post about the RS5 front brakes in a Jimmy’s Garage post later on.

No I’m saying it’s no Bueno that Audi cheaper out on the steel brakes. Giving u props for your findings :slight_smile:

I have personally seen a TT-RS and an RS5 wreck because of brake issues. Don’t be fooled by a largeish caliper. Those need to be replaced with Brembo or Stoptech if you are driving laps within 5 seconds of the car’s capability. The TTRS is a particularly weak setup for the crazy power that car makes.

I disagree. The RS5 calipers and pads are fine. The problem with the RS5 steel brakes is with the rotors.

I have less experience with the TTRS but it looks like they suffer from the same problem as the RS5 with the front rotors.

Anyway if the 2.0T and 2.5T motors from Porsche disappoint, I think this 3.0T is worth the upgrade if you can stomach $100k out the door.