2017 twin turbo R8 looks fast...


8.9 sec 1/4 mile?

I’ll guess 9.3-9.5 @ 150-160… Fun street car that’s for sure… lol


Is this Lamborghini Huracan 1/4 mile @7.8sec for real!?

Legit certified dragstrip?

That new R8 may even go mid to low 8s !

Now that was hella quick

Surprised how this is not impressing anyone…our tuned S4s RS4s S5s even S6 RS7s are ballparks away from this type of speed. We fight for every little hundredth compiling a 1/4mile list and this just shits all over it!

It’s pretty impressive if you ask me, just not many people, if any, on this site are ready to buy a $200k car and drop $100k into mods for it.


Hahab yup UGR

In the first place this isn’t a balls to the wall performance brand or site.

Its a site for owners of (for the most part) 4 seater luxury cars that happen to be pretty quick, and are made a bit quicker with mods. They range from 50,000 to 100,000 new, and 10, 000 to 75,000 used.

The car you posted is a 2 seater supercar. It’s a quarter million dollars to achieve those times. Seriously think about that. It shares only it’s 4 rings with our cars. So it’s hard to feel a connection or excitement other than its another car at the dragstrip that I don’t want because it’s one dimensional. There’s lots of those. My car? Can go 10s for $40,000 dollars including the car and mods. Then it can take you, me, and 2 other people and our suitcases on a trip through a blizzard and back in comfort. The Hurracan and R8 will never do that.

You can accomplish the same thing for aboit 25,000 in a domestic drag car if you want. So on an absolute basis the cost vs performance for an impractical car is pretty severe.

While we’re looking at one dimensional drag cars, tell me if you get impressed or excited by this…makes the lambo and r8 look rather pedestrian and would rape the hurracan by a football field in a short 1/4 mile run, and would be about 160 yards ahead of the r8.


That’s true we aren’t a balls to the wall site, however we are balls to the wall per platform. We have squeezed every HP and tenth from the B8. I know that if I go with the TVS1740 my S5 will likely end up like flying retard.

I guess to me the gap from 8 sec to 10 sec is much larger than the price gap. If buying new and wanting a 8 sec supercar its a quarter million.

However, I have been watching V10 R8’s which can be acquired 90-100k then go with a stage 1 UGR (40k) or supercharge it for an insanely fast car that is good on the twisties. These stage 3+ UGR cars probably dont do so well on the racetrack. Also over the years I have occasionally had more than one passenger in my car for short distances, therefore I beginning to justify a 2 seater coupe. The largest piece of luggage that I need to carry around is my tennis bag, anything more the SQ5 will have to step in.

I am pretty ignorant on domestic drag. I have no clue what 25k in to a mustang will yield. I have never seen anything like that hot rod…lol…that is retard fast. You cant daily drive it, forget about the winter, and it looks like a polished piece of shit inside and out.

A low 10s TT-RS seems like the most bang for your buck right now in the Audi world.

I think there’s a point where you realise a high 12 to low 11 second car that traps 115 is faster than almost anything you will ever see. Probably 99.9% of cars on the road. Further, of those 0.1% that are faster than you, 99% of the people in the fast cars don’t want to race you. So you’re either building your car to race 0.001% of the cars out there…or you’re building it to lose your license by racing yourself…or you’re building it because you don’t get enough satisfaction from its factory/lightly modded performance. The last one is the only one that kind of makes sense, and even then it doesn’t. Almost nobody who is chasing that ever gets satisfied. That’s why those guys do all these mods over whatever period of time, and then sell the car. Buying aftermarket performance never makes them happy.

So chasing mythical forum titles and leaderboards is really a virtual game that you never really win. And at the end of the day, in the real world, it’s mostly a waste because bone stock these cars are silly fast in the grand scheme (lend your stock B8 S5 to a coworker who drives a Nissan Versa and he’ll freak out.

You’re not likely to race too many people on your way home from work…so all you’re doing is racing virtual people in forumland. For me if the car is fun, exciting and useful, I’m happy. I don’t need ten tenths, mostly
because I recognize that it’s excess.

If I owned a V10 R8 I don’t think I’d be too worried about ‘just’ being a high 11, low 12 second car that traps 118-121…I’d be more interested in listening to the NA V10. A supercharger will ruin it with whine and turbos just ruin the sound completely, not to mention the boost hit making the car lose it’s beautiful driving dynamics and balance.

Saki that is the most logical realistic rationalization, which couldn’t be more spot on.

However, my emotions and piggy bank allow for more! Very rarely do I end up racing to the speed limit (maybe 10 mph over) these days during my daily commute and my driving record reflects that with 0 traffic tickets in 8 years. The only thing that has ever beat me was a C63 S with a tune and exhaust (I only know this because I met the guy a week later in a parking lot asking him to run again with my ESP off; he declined), and when I turned off ESP traffic was too congested to attempt it again. There have been other cars, but like you said they choose not to have a go at me for who knows why…street racing for retards…they hear the sounds coming from my car…afraid to lose…there a millions of reasons…

It’s more of the thrill and to enjoy those occasional canyon drives opening up the cars potential.

What would you get for under $150k used or new as an all around performance car?

Not sure what spawned me to wallow over here in this thread, but this is a brilliant piece of thought process and logical reasoning.

THIS is the sole reason I bought a C6 S6. Is it the fastest car? Nope. Is it comfortable? Yes. Does the V10 sound make my spine tingle and make me giggle every press of the throttle? ABSOLUTELY. Only thing I lust for more would be either the Wagon version of my car… a RS2 or a C6 RS6 Wagon… and even then, I’d still probably be happier with the n/a V10.

I also still would think with $150k to spend on a car… I’d buy 4 $25,000 cars and spend $50k in mods. I’d have a fleet of cars to make me happy.

Yeah, I somewhat agree. That said all cars and power trains have pros and cons as you know. I think there is room in my garage for hipo NA v10, supercharged, turbo, diesel, hybrid (ideally sq7 as hits on these three :wink: ) , and even electric. All so much different, and hit on different fun factors and purpose.