3.0 turbo thread


+karma. That was a good read, thanks!

Interesting, the new S5 is looking tempting

Great read, summary for the lazy

Co-developed with Porsche, this new turbo V6 has the same advance level as BMW’s B58 engine (see our review here).

Compared to its predecessor (the 3.0L supercharged V6), the new V6 is much lighter, which is critical for Audi vehicles since they are all based on the FWD layout, and puts the engine 100% ahead of the front axle. The new engine are more efficient too, due to the elimination of mechanical air compressor, and also the adoption of spray-guided direct injection.

Audi_V6_Turbo_1 (image)
Overview of the drivetrain layout on the 2017 Audi S5. It can be clearly seen that the new V6 is placed in front of the front axle.
This turbo V6 will be also used in next-generation of the Porsche Panamera (starting at model year 2017). However, in Porsche’s application (and perhaps the future Audi RS4/RS5) the current cast-in iron cylinder liner will be replaced by plasma spray coating layer, for better performance.

They talked about an 8 speed DSG in a Car and Driver Panamera preview from 4 days ago, but I think that is a misprint. I think this V6 will always be paired to the 8 speed ZF.

VTGT nice help on the TLDR section.

Porsche and audi using the same motor that market just got messy. The porsche and audi markets are very seperate that same motor in two usually very seperate markets is fuel for a big big fire in the performance company market line up

Interesting to see the switch back to the turbo for the Audi platform. Makes a fair bit of sense though given how much Porsche has jumped into the Turbo 6cyl market with the new 911. I’m sure they’ll be getting some trickle down tech and shared research. I know the aftermarket tuners are excited to see the turbo come back though as they tend to be easier sells in the aftermarket world.

Yeah now everyone with a 911 has a turbo. Kinda cool, but not for the NA people.

We shall see what the next gt series cars end up with. Mclaren and Ferrari are doing well with it.

Would be nice to own both, perhaps we will see an electric turbo sneak into the next 811

Yea, I’m not sure how I feel about the 911 going with the turbo. It’ll be interesting to see how the performance world handles it and where the separation falls between a tuned 911 S and the 911 turbo (the new “Turbos” are just ludicrously fast, so probably still a healthy margin, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens).

The only part that isn’t a negative is that the flat 6 was never a pretty sounding engine, so going to a turbo didn’t take much away there lol. BMW making that switch was a much harder pill to swallow though.

Right unless it was a gt3 or gt3 rs. Possibly a GTS. I believe the 911 is a 2.9 turbo while th turbo motor is substantially bigger so that’s that. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if some casual turbo owners of the past go with 911 4s this next round. A 991 turbo s is ludicrous it’s a high 9 low 10 car with minimalish mods. Most get bored and trade in for a GT series unless they get hooked on the half mile events

How’s yours treating you. I’d still pick up a x50 or turbos 996 if the deal was too big to pass up, but many of those deals are gone well until next fall winter.

Mine has still been rock solid. I’ve had some bullshit trim pieces break and in the process of swapping out (factory wood veneer that is super thin and the heat has warped pieces off once the glue wore off). I’m just replacing it with alcantra pieces though and I like the look.

Honestly I still haven’t done a “final” tune on it. I’m probably low/mid-500whp range, but should be able to get close to 575-600whp if I squeak every bit out. But the billet k16’s hit so hard down low that I’m really not looking for more power lol. It’s been fun though and really enjoyed the car. My next switch may be to a classic aircooled porsche (scary, I know about the horrors lol), but right now I really am enjoying the 996 and I’ll probably keep it a couple more years.

If you’re going to do a tune or turbos etc, don’t worry about trying to find a x50 pkg. There are so many turbo options out there that FAR outperform the x50 it’s really not much of a benefit. However, now a days, there isn’t hardly any premium for the x50 anyhow so if you find one then great. The only bummer is that if you doing anything beyond just a tune, the stock clutch just isn’t going to take it, so you have to budget for a clutch and might as well do the gt2 slave mod so you’re in for $3-5k depending on parts and labor.

Not to thread jack, but my next big car purchase will likely be a 997 gt3 or 996 gt2, unless the Audi bug continues to bite me then it will be a r8 v10 :wink: I have also thought about building a air-cooled, problem is you gotta have big bucks to start as not really many barnfinds left, everyone is cashing in on the prices now, we shall wait till winter I suppose :>

I feel like a $52k 781 cayman would be a great tuning platform. Easily get 380HP out of it at 2900 lbs. Or the 2.5L S motor. I’d rather start with one of these than a 10+ year old 911. I imagine the old GT2 is still well over $100k.

Probably much smarter, I like the older more analogue feel though.

I know a few guys who went 996 gt2 to 997 gt2, then they either went back to 996 gt2 or went 997 gt3/rs

I only drove a base 996 but it felt really loose to me, like it was a very imperfect start to a future that wasn’t quite developed. 981 feels like the optimal point where expensive car stuff made it into the peasant model.