4L Q7 Parking sensor image now blank

2013 Q7 Prestige
My front park warning buzzer died, I replaced it, all was well.
4 moths later, that one died too (cheap amazon one). Obviously the b/u camera and sensors quit working again.
I replaced it this past week, and all is well, sorta…
Now when I put it in reverse, the backup camera comes on, the parking sensor beeps (fr/rr) work, but no image or display is show as to which sensor is sensing the obstruction; that side of the screen is just blank… If I cycle ignition and immediately put it into reverse, I can see the little car outline for about 10 sec, then it disappears. If I look in the MMI for parking aid, it is grayed out. Cycling ignition makes it selectable for about 5-10 secs, then it grays out. If you pop into that menu quickly, it shows system to be ON and camera switching to be “AUTO”…
I have no idea why this is ‘disappearing’ but still working, or how to get it back. Any help is appreciated.

To dig deeper. The next question I would have is do you have a Vag-com Ross tech cable? You can look at the modules with that