5.2 aftermarket PCV

have anyone used aftermarket part for the PCV? I’m looking into swapping mine, but the most expensive one made by Febi is still half the price of the OEM, despite I have great discounts at the dealership. If so, have you had any problems with aftermarket ones?

Hey I been using an aftermarket first I went from a vaico for a couple thousand miles until it broke replaced it again went to another vaico and lasted a couple thousand miles

Now I replaced it with a febi on the 10th of August and today I just heard the pcv and it sounded like it was cracked somewhere on the new noise it likes to make and now that rough starts and lean code lol

But when I put the febi in for first time it worked flawless until I assume what cracked.

Since I bought it fcp euro I’m going to replace it with another and try again.

Long term I don’t know about febi since this one just broke but I wouldn’t recommend vaico unless you want to change it in a couple thousand miles. Those lean codes come and as soon as I change it it’s gone and everything is happy.

If this one breaks I’m going to get a genuine one from the dealer.

I’m sick of changing it lol

I have heard the same with the Febi. It’s a tough go to pay that much for the OEM unit but for whatever reason it seems many of the aftermarket ones don’t hold up and then when you get lean codes and issues people say… oh well I changed my PVC not too long ago so it’s not that…when it is.

The thing is, I’m not even positive that it is faulty. I don’t have any lean codes, LTFT are actually rich, because of leaking injectors. Oil cap suction is decent, but not that hard to take off either.

F it. I ordered OEM new one. My car has 211 000 km and PCV was replaced at least 4 times on my car now. I think current PCV is aftermarket. First was swapped at just 4k km and one month after car was manufactured (sic!), and 2 times in a row at 85k km. Knowing that quite a few parts were discontinued for this platform this year, I should probably order 10 in advance, as I plan to keep the car forever.
Just another day of V10 ownership I guess.

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Just went f it as well I bought a genuine one as well

Apparently Mann Hummel makes them for Audi, however I have not found it as aftermarket piece

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Just got my genuine one the car seems to be running better now

I replaced mine yesterday along with 10 new OEM injectors. I did carbon clean it about 2 months ago, and when I replaced injectors I saw slight coat of oil on the valves thinking, that I’m glad I am replacing my PCV. And to my surprise new OEM PCV works pretty much the same in terms of oil cap suction. Also, my partial LTFT seems to be around -4,7% on bank IV (cylinder 9 and 10, closest one to the PCV), while others do not exceed -3%. I don’t know if the new one is faulty as well, or what to think honestly.