5.2 Burning coolant

So I have written about my problem with burning coolant a while back. I am now putting the engine back together, BUT I still have no clue what the actual damage was.

  1. Heads got checked and came back ok. They were 0.07mm warped, so not too bad
  2. No visible signs on head gaskets itself
  3. Found few long scores on cylinders, but nothing dramatic. I didn’t have a problem with oil usage, so I guess they are not that severe.

So, what do you think? Am I the first here, to have a cracked cylinder? I know it sometimes happens on 3.2.

I’m trying to do the CO2 test in the cooling system yet again, and I have a question. Does coolant boil in S6 with radiator cap off, and therefore making system unpressurized?