500whp on a 2.0t

Guys I need help to see if this is a possibility.

Is it possible to make 500 whp on a 2.0t engine (Fsi)
Besides the obvious, fully built engine rods/pistons/top end, I was looking at the new garret g25-660 or g25-550 for turbo.

Is it possible to achieve 500 without meth or e85 by any method? Bigger injectors, secondary rail on ports? Is it possible to achieve it on 93 pump?

Hard to find this info out there, everyone goes the meth route.

Thanks for any opinion

Its going to be hard because most 2.0T guys don’t push that far. You see most of them get into the 400whp range 430 seems quite manageable.

500 is going to be at the top of the range given AWD if you were FWD it wouldn’t be too hard to get 500whp as you would have less drive train loss.

From what I have seen most GT28 72AR turbos will get you into the high 300 zone and low 400 zone on 93

You would need a GT30 series turbo to have enough flow to get you into the 500 range and at that point it would be at the cost of quite a bit of lag and a possible smaller area under the curve. The FSI 2.0T motors don’t like to go too much over 7300 before they get unhappy. So you can’t just spin your way to more hp like you can in other cases.

I think pump 93 and 500whp is possible but complicated and I don’t think youll see 500whp for more than 1000rpm in the upper range. It will all come down to getting just the right turbo.

If you put good money into the head and the block WITHOUT dropping compression when building the motor you will be going down the right path.

I agree with Justin that this is going to be a complicated build with tangent concerns. It’s a very exciting idea to get that kinda power out of a 2.0T, and I wish I had more input on a choice of turbo.

My main constructive concern that comes to mind for this build is: Have you considered a realistic plan to deal with insane amounts of extra heat that will be generated under the hood? I assume that people shooting for big power with the 2.0T are using E85 and methanol because E85 and methanol have the same effect on intercooling: they run cooler than pump gas. There are options, but it’s a serious pre-build consideration.

Second constructive concern is that if you are not planning on doing all of this design and fabrication yourself, then please be VERY cautious of someone else building your car. There are many many many people who will confidently tell you about an achievable end result, and then guinea pig your car or blow it up. If you’re not sure about who to get physical help from for the actual build, then opinions are available here if you want any suggestions.

And please let us know how it goes