6+ year old Audi maintenance

What preventative maintenance are you guys doing? Here’s my list:

  • battery [done]
  • fuel filter [done]
  • spark plugs and coils [done]
  • sports diff fluid change

Anything I’m missing? I do the air filter and cabin filter routinely. Oil changes every 6 months because racecar.

If you havent already might be time to look into a carbon clean. Also if your spinning the blower harder it might not be a bad idea to look into a blower oil change

You have already upgraded your suspension so the control arms and stuff like that probably are already done. Might not be a bad idea to look into motor and transmission mounts as well

+1 on all the rubber parts.
The rear in particular is under a lot of strain under track driving. There is a toe link where the bushing is under constant tension.

Oil changes should be done sooner than every 6 months if you track. I recommend doing a UOA to verify, based on your modifications and driving habits. However, seeing that BMW’s factory fill Castrol 10w60 sheers to a 40 grade within 1500 miles of street driving, a 5w40 in a car with a stage 2 tune is going to see some very tough times.

I change after each track day. Depending on what oil temps I hit, I may stretch it out to every other track day. But 6 months seems very sketch, and definitely is not race car :smiley:

I’d also do the rear diff every 2 years if driven hard on the track. Coolant I also do every 2 years. Same with tranny fluid. The temps that the diff and transmission gets to is very high–being awd and devoid of any sort of tranny cooler. Most 2wd cars without coolers get scary hot as is already.

I also check tie rods and wheel bearings after each track day for play. And inspect brake lines, the hard fittings at the ends of the lines, rotors etc after each day.

Starting to think about:

  • sport diff fluid change
  • supercharger oil change
  • carbon cleaning with walnut shells

I’m at 46,000 miles and probably 5000 of them track miles.

Would be cool to see your SC oil and have it sent off to Blackstone. I’m trying to build a database with them. Having an almost all high RPM profile and a modest DD profile like mine would really help.

I bought a replacement coolant reservoir for my RS4 because after a few years they start looking knackered. Unfortunately I didn’t install it and then my original reservoir developed a crack and dumped out my coolant over a couple of days. SO annoying trying to be proactive and then forgetting to.

I replaced it the other day in 10 minutes in the garage.


The RS4 and it’s V8 in a small space tended to run a lot hotter under hood, so perhaps that contribtued to the breakdown of the plastic reservoir.

Here’s a 6 year old B8…looks ok. Not exactly gleaming white though. Quite grey.


and I just thought this was interesting…looks like the A5/S5 3.0T uses the same coolant reservoir as the RS4


I have had that happen to me too on different cars (1993 BMW 740iL). It sucks but at least it is an easy fix.

I definitely think that the additional heat from the V8 leads to the coolant reservoir cracking. If you look at the B8 S4 coolant reservoir closely then you will notice that it has a metal heat shield on the side next to the engine. It is the same coolant reservoir on the B8 V8 S5 coupe and I have replaced a bunch of coolant reservoirs because they still crack and leak even with the heat shield. The coolant caps fail too by not allowing enough pressure to build up and I blame the heat from the V8.

This is unrelated but it seems like the low revving Q7 version 4.2 FSI V8s (in the Q7, 2007+ C6 A6, face-lift 2007+ D3 A8, and B8 S5 coupe) are having the same issue as the RS4s with the rear upper timing chain cover o-rings failing causing oil to mix with coolant. Been seeing that more as of late and I am wondering if the V10 S6/S8 will have the same issue eventually.

That C6 A6 coolant reservoir looks similar but the RS4 coolant reservoir has the coolant line behind and to the left of the coolant cap and the one in the picture doesn’t. That reservoir looks like the B7 A4 2.0T coolant reservoir because that reservoir didn’t have the third coolant line like the RS4.

Appearently the Audi engineers had to build in some job security for techs by moving the coolant reservoir higher than the engine and taking away the additional heat shielding. Thanks guys - lol.

Those reservoirs are shit! The worst part about them is the plastic on plastic threading is the worst idea ever. Bruises my fingers opening and closing that POS!!!

Just wanted to post a picture of a S5 that I have been seeing oil in the coolant.


I’m having the supercharger oil changed (OEM) and the sport diff fluid (OEM) changed today. I get the car back tomorrow. I’m at 47,000 miles on the clock. Seems like good insurance. While we’re mucking with the blower, I figured we should also drain the supercharger coolant loop since we did the APR CPS in August 2013.


Well, shit. They emptied the supercharger oil and less than 1 ounce came out. The refill is 5 ounces. If you track this car, you really have to replace that fluid! They’re going to replace the gasket, and a few connector pipes.

On the rear diff, they’re going to replace both fluids and put in new drain plugs. There’s a gear oil, and some other kind of AT fluid (IIRC).

WOW. that’s a ton of consumption. It would be interesting to see how much sludge is in there. Did they just refill the oil or flush it.

We were going to send it out for testing, but there’s not enough oil. They did their best to flush/clean/drain. They weren’t going to remove the blower at all, until nothing came out.

They said there is hardly any carbon on the valves. I attribute that to my driving!

This spring when I change the engine oil I’ll send that into blackstone, to see what we’re dealing with. I’ve been using Motul 300V.

Haven’t picked up the car yet.

Wow that sucks! Interesting how little fluid came out.

By the way I discussed the different fluids for the sports rear diff on a RS5. There is normal gear oil and then transfer case oil.


The job was about $1000, because California. They pulled the blower, did the oil fill, replaced the gaskets and those janky ass plastic pipes, drained all of the blower coolant and vacuum bled it, serviced the rear diff on both sides, replaced the screws/drain plugs.

I’m going to have to start keeping track of the service intervals in hours or track days, because it’s only adding up to barely 3000 miles a year.

Rear lower link bushings actually have no side to side play in them. They’re good for now. Car is in good shape and top maintenance. Way ahead of schedule. Will send in oil for analysis.






I wonder if I should pump and dump the power steering fluid also?

I’m going to do 034 motorsport engine mounts. It’s supposed to be a quick job. The active engine mounts have sensors which need to be bypassed with a resistor. Fucking Audi.

My fender liners are rotting and the belly pan is falling off of the car, so I’ll have to get those replaced also. Mileage is about 48000.

If you haven’t already done this then I would.

Replacing the mounts is pretty easy but time consuming. By the way, a lot of Audis have had active mounts for a while. The best part though is that Audi tied the engine mounts into the low side fuel pump wiring circuit so if your engine mounts fail on certain B8s then that can kill the fuel pump in the tank too.


Are you getting the stock style but all rubber replacement mounts or the metal track style mounts? I ask because V6s tend to vibrate pretty bad since they don’t run smoothly. As compared to the white V8 B8 S5 in my thread had completely blown engine mounts and he would have never noticed unless I pointed it out to him.

See if the B8.5 fender liners fit because I think that they went to a harder like plastic if I remember correctly.