8 speed DCT vs. 8 speed ZF auto

We’re seeing a lot of new engines come of Audi/Porsche/Bentley. We have the 3.0L turbo Audi motor, and the 4.0L turbo Porsche motor. It will be interesting to see which of these gets the ZF8 and which gets the 8DCT. The Panamera is getting the 8DCT.



Didn’t even know there was a 8dct interesting -



The 8 speed ZF Auto transmissions are monsters. They hold a ton of power and have a good gear change speed. Fast enough I dont see any gap between that and the DSG

Yes the 8 speed impresses me, I’ll check the dct to see how it compares

This tranny is what may separate Porsche from Audi, given that they will use similar motors. If the RS5 has this box, sell a kidney.