997 widebody build thread

Last year I picked up a Porsche 997 C4s. When I first got the car and started driving it, I was amazed by the overall package. It was the sportiest car I had ever owned when pushed hard, but could also be used for Costco trips, daycare duty, and driven 365 days a year. For me, it was the perfect daily driver, and I really believed, at the time, that I wouldn’t feel the need to mod it. This is what it looked like when I first got it


The car came with some nice options, including sport seats, red seat belts, carbon trim, and factory short shift kit.



Of course, it wasn’t long until I started to make some select upgrades. I swapped out the stock wheels for some forged lightweight Champions, installed a GT2RS steering wheel and matching shift knob, and updated the ECU with a Softronic tune.




For the rear wing, I swapped out the stock decklid and installed an OEM Turbo wing, with an EB Werks fixed wing kit. Also, the painted side sills were looking pretty rough, so I installed new black ones.



After the summer, the car will be going into the shop to get additional work done.

RSS Sway bars, engine mounts, LCAs, dogbones, Bilstein coilovers with monoball top mounts




Old school 18 inch HREs and some fat Falken Azenis



Lightweight Aasco Flywheel and SACHS sprung clutch, AWE headers and high flow cats




Cargraphic carbon kevlar wide front fenders, OEM GT3 front bumper, Cup lip, and some widebody rear fender flares, that will be custom modded






Next update likely wont be until late winter. Goal is to get all parts installed and bodywork completed for the Spring.

Very nice dude! I like it… I really like the rims you have on it now… Looking forward to following…

Love the 18 HRE! Nice to see more Porsche traction over here. Def. a completely different experience vs the Audi but great have them both in the garage.

I assume once the 911 goes under the knife the Audi will get finished up :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

The 911 is not going into the shop until the S6 is on the road. So hopefully we figure out the damn misfire issue soon, so we can finish up the v10 project.

I just saw the v10 on Thursday, after they have installed the Alcantara dash and carbon trim. It looks, and sounds, friggin incredible! I can’t wait to get it back in my possession.

In for those pics of the dash and CF. sounds sick!

Unfortunately, I didnt snap any pics. Will have to remember to grab some for next time

Awesome sauce!

Finally… an update!!!

The waterpump decided to blow up one freezing morning this week. So, with the car at the shop, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get the performance parts installed.

RSS Tarmac kit, RSS sway bars, Bilstein coilovers, RSS motor mounts, Fabspeed intake, and AWE headers/cats installed. Also, a new waterpump, spark plugs, coolant tank, and coil packs.

Sorry for the dirty car pics, as the trip to the garage was unplanned (still running the winter wheels!)






And a video of the new exhaust


Tomorrow they will do the alignment, setup to GT3 specs.

Still waiting on some parts for the clutch and LWFW, so that will be another week or two.

Looking good and sounding good!

Nice. Looking forward to the wide body finish

Well, went by the shop to test drive the car, and it is incredible. The drive was short, it was raining, but I had a blast. Cant wait to feel the difference once the LWFW and new clutch is in. Also…

While there, I was litterally just about to talk to the guys about the RWD conversion idea, when they informed me that one of the seals at the front was leaking (IIRC between the half shaft and the front differential.) Perfect timing! The Mods Gods had spoken! I went home and ordered the RWD conversion kit



Well there’s that :slight_smile: sounds like a good decision point. About how much weight does that remove, sorry if that’s on rennlist thread :-p

There are details at the link above. They claim over a hundred pounds saving when everything is removed.

WOW thats a fun update. Neat how the RWD conversion just happened to be the right fix too.

hey guys… long time
the car is coming close to completion at the bodyshop. It got Recaro seats, GT3 front bumper, ductail decklid, sunroof delete, RSS roll cage, Cargraphic carbon wide front fenders, and complete repaint to Porsche Lizard Green.