A8L buying question

Hey guys I was wondering if I should buy an Audi a8l 2011 4.2 with 97,571 miles on. I’m definitely going to remove the engine to change the gaskets and Tensioners but is there any specific that can go wrong like I already have an Audi s6 2007 v10 and I know timing cover in back can leak coolant into the oil from gaskets on the tubes that go bad but is there specific like does that car have the same problem? And also From listening to engine the tensioners are still fine no rattling but has engine light on with epc light with traction light.

Forgot to mention it’s ticking it’s on i assume it has to do with oil pressure but I doubt the Tensioners went on it yet

The A8 4.2 post 2008 is a great strong motor. All of the 4.2 motors are good but this was the motor that had a link to the rS4 and Q7 4.2. A really good motor. Strong relyable. The have the similar issues to the 5.2 v10 with the issues like coil packs. Injectors plugs PCV etc.

The tensioners on these should be good. It’s rare that they ever go bad. When you get the car post it up here.