AC/PS Gear assy

I had to replace my ac shaft after the spline end striped. It made one of the worst noises I think I ever heard a car make. I replaced it and my downpipes at the same time. I heard a slight grinding and knocking sound when I took it for a test drive after I finished all the work. Slightly similar to the original sound but a little different. I thought that possibly something exhaust related was rubbing. After readjusting everything 5 mins later the sound and feel came back. I still have ac though so thats strange. I’m guessing that the gears on the power takeoff assy are fucked. If so does anyone know the part # for it?

There is no noise change when you turn the AC on or off…

I haven’t noticed a change. Honestly I don’t hear anything until I start to drive. At idle sounds normal. When I’m not in gear I didn’t hear it and I’ve changed rpm off and on, but when I drive over 3000 rmps I hear and feel it. Its not really the same sound when the shaft was striped but very similar.

oh huh…

Because its obviousy driven off the back cog system on the chain drive and then the AC clutch. That’s odd that it would be there after 3000rpm and not at other times.

Well after a day of looking around under the car, it looks like my left downpipe could be hitting the trans cross member which is rite near the pto gear area. Damn downpipes. Even know I adjusted it it seem to have moved back close to it. It didn’t help that my return line blew rite after. Up side it blew while I was at home.