ACC playing up intermittently

Happy new year all, so I seem to have a very annoying issue with my ACC. When I start the car it doesn’t work and puts light on like I’m too close to car in front which turns off brake guard and ACC. If I remove my front grill near radar box and start again with that off it goes away and I can put grill back on and it’s fine. This makes me think it’s something stupid. Perhaps needs a recalibration or something maybe. Wondered if anyone else has had issues.

Bloody hate winter seems to through all spanner in the works

Is the dome dirty? Are there any frayed wires? Has the dome been damaged? Something may have been too close like your bumper. I would give it a good clean, put everything back, do a check, and run the adaptation.

I have up on it and seems to have gone off now.

I have a new issue now. Sounds abit like a flat tyre, I’m thinking driveshaft