Aftermarket support for Touareg TDI

Anyone know of good links or businesses with power adders for a '12 Touareg TDI? Right now looking for maybe:
ECU tune
Stiffen the suspension w/ bushings and AR bars
Turbo upgrade
IC upgrade
cosmetic upgrades
Any assistance would be great.

I’ve heard lots if good things about kermatdi and Malone tuning

I went on kermatdi, but it wouldn’t load. I will definitely check out malone. I have always wanted to see what can be sucked out of one of these turbo diesels,

I’ll ask my colleague at the office. He’s got an older diesel vw and its quite impressive. He went with a European based company as they’ve got much more experience with the diesel market.

Thanks. I am just excited as this is the unknown for me. I have always heard great things about the big disease. My buddy has an F-250 with all sorts of aftermarket “stuff” done, I just hope the V-wagens are just as mod-friendly…