All 2.0t VW guys. motor question

I always see the that the VW guys seem to have the fastest 1.8t and 2.0t cars. With so many very powerful and impressive 2.0t VW guys. What do you think is the hp limit of the 2.0t motor.

stock internals? I think it can get up to around 350hp comfortably, which is a k04 kit.

Haha, suck my forged internals

Do you think that chp or whp. I just started thinking Cory and his b8 went 12.8 and Jake at jhm with his b7 went 12.8. I just wonder how much faster those guys can go.

I know the b7 and b8 2.0t is different but I think it would be good to talk about how much boost and hp the A4 can take.

^ fwiw, I believe I have some more room to improve. My times are all on pump fuel with a “conservative” APR tune. I’m confident that my car would be safe (and respond well) to a more aggressive race file. I’m suspecting (without proof) that my transmission will be more of a roadblock going forward than my motor. Also, from everything that I have read, the TSI is more robust than the FSI.

How much boost are you running.

Without knowing anything about your car I kinda figured there might be a good amount of power left in the ko4. My question really was motor wise how much more can you go before it’s time to start thinking about the limits of the motor. The reason I say this is the b6 and b7 S4 guys were very very cautious about making sure we all had an idea on what should be globally accepted as safe. Doing that has kept everyone safe and not having blown motors like the B5 guys who for years talked about how they could make unlimited hp on stock parts. Also the other big issue is with the rs4. I think the only big critique I would have is that APRs new tuner at the time made the huge mistake of basically miss leading the entire rs4 community by saying the rs4 motors will hold well past 500whp. Turns out that’s not the case.

I’m lazy about logging but I usually see peaks above 20, maybe 22-23. The VW crowd is well ahead of pushing limits on the TSI, but I would believe the limit on the rods would be closer to 400wheel. Fueling is above that.

I remember Eurojet, and bsh doing testing way way back for the big turbo kit and I believe your correct that 350, was the limit before having to do rods. Edit* - this was the fsi motor.

I thought I remember reading about CV maybe doing tune for vw guys? I’ll have to get in contact with him, think I might want to turn the gti into a race car lol.

Yessssss, I’ve heard about this tune a few times now from CV and others. Cough Cough.

I think 350 to the wheels Justin.

The TSI is much better then the FSI from what I understand too. So I can see TSI good to 400 and the FSI to 350hp.

You mentioned your transmission. What kind do you have. I know the 6hp transmission that is in our cars is technically too small but I have put my car transmission through hell and lots of nos bottles and it’s still kicking

It’s a ZF 6HP28. When I vag the TCU I get “maximum permissible engine torque” says 595Nm…(438ftlb). The B8 S5 V8 uses the same model of transmissions although it’s unknown which level of torque converter was spec’d.

Of yours is the 28 it’s stronger then mine. Mine is a 19 and it’s been holding up. I have a jhm transmission tune so I think that helps but I don’t think your going to out power that transmission

CV is also working on a tune for my TCU, I believe he has something for me to test. We just haven’t had time to get together. There was talk of him coming up this fall/winter but it just hasn’t happened yet.