Another 10 second RS7.

Customer’s car.

10.690@131.31… We did 10.690@129.32.

That is pretty damn awesome!

Awesome! Tune only?

Does this awesome car belong to KIKU?

He was on 100 for that run I believe. Arin, any plans to run the APR RS7 on 100/104?

Nice! DA was -320 according to dragtimes.

I don’t know the scree name of the car’s owner.

We plan to hit the track on 100 or 104 to see what we can get out of it. We’ll throw back in our ringer of a driver who weighs just north of 100 lbs. : )

Yeah saw that fucking awesome really!

Pete, did you and your dad hit the strip again? I see you mentioned 120 traps and your dad going 11.61 so I wasn’t sure?

hahaha yeah, you basically just need a jockey

p.s. this is the third APR RS7 in the 10s? There was the other one at Atco last week that I sent you.

User “Kiku” in the AZ C7 section posted up a slip showing 10.69@131 on 100 from this past weekend; I presume it’s him.

This is kiku.

He went with me to Atco last week on April Fools day and ran two 10.8 passes on 93 pump gas. Then he went Capitol on Sunday with 100 octane fuel and he ran the 10.69. He said that the tires kept spinning and they wouldn’t let him go around the burnout box.

kiku just has the APR tune but he mentioned that APR was working on downpipes and a stage two tune. Would you care to expand on that Arin?

If what you just said is true, it appears that Arin/APR just tried to pull a fast one. He tried to make it look like Kiku ran the 10.69 pass on 93 octane and that APR and Kiku would run on 100 octane in the future.

Arin also for some reason didn’t mention who ran the time. In my opinion, it looks like he/APR were trying to take credit for the time.

Next time give plenty credit to the guy who purchased the APR tune, minus the excuses and the " I don’t know if he wanted me to.metion his name crap".

huh? He said this

Nowhere in there is he pulling a fast one. The customer likely emailed him the timeslip. He knows the customer by his real name, not his fantasy interenet name. I don’t see how this is pulling a fast one.

Further, are you doubting the performance of the APR tune? I mean why would he need to pull a fast anything? He showed us what they did on pump, and on race, and they’re going to go back again and see how deep they can push it. Where in there is he lying about octane?

He is definitely taking credit for the time because they tuned the damn car lol. Note that he didn’t say in the 2 responses in this thread ‘we ran 10.6!’. He titled the thread ‘another 10 second RS7’ and the very first thing in his post was ‘CUSTOMER’S CAR’

I meant 11.62 i got confused :slight_smile: and i was exaggerating a bit i trapped 119.xx lol

Gotcha… I kind of figured and was just having fun with it, I figured you would have made a post if your dad’s car beat/tied Ryan… I’m excited as Thompson opens this Sat.

Incredible results. Go APR! I would love to hear more about further APR plans for this platform.

The only fast one being pulled is our RS7 software in the quarter mile.

I got an email saying a customer did 10.3 or something with his RS7. I asked for a slip, got the slip (was a 10.6 instead) and a name (posted that to facebook) and posted it up. I didn’t know his screenname (I do now) and I didn’t know anything else done to the car. I still don’t know what else, if anything, is done to the car (I haven’t asked either). And, honestly, I don’t care. If others care, feel free to ask! I’m sure I’ll read it at some point.

Please forgive me for my above post. I had no legitimate reason for what I said.

Not sure if serious, but I’ll take it. I’m not mad, just clearing the air.

BTW, I just got a text… another RS7 did 10.6 @ 134. I’m waiting on official results, time slips, etc before getting too excited.

Also, the S6 at the same event did 11.3. IIRC, that’s a new record as well.

Do you know if the S6 was on pump or racegas?