Any diesel guys?

Anyone on here diesel truck fans?

I started getting my itch to play with my truck a bit. Picking up an Airdog2 Monday for when I start replacing my rotted fuel lines. Pretty excited for it, really something I should have done years ago. Not so excited about the rotted fuel lines

My father has a 2004 Chevy Duramax diesel. He bought it new and it has over 200k miles on it to date. He tuned it (forget which one) and it has been pushing over 30 psi for years now. its lifted and has big tires. ill see if i cant get him to post a pic of it.

Diesel interests me. I almost bought my wife a TDI the last couple times she got a new car but never could find the right deal. As I’ve posted before, I’ve got a TJ wrangler, but I’d love to do a diesel swap in a JK 4-Door Wrangler. That’d be tits in my book!

This is my '02. Bought it mainly for towing the trailers but it has pretty much turned into a DD while my S4 sits in time out

Two days later and my driveway still looks like this from the rusted out fuel line

Truck is tuned with IdahoRob’s tunes, 3" downpipe, 5" catless no muffler exhaust, a “summit racing intake” which is K&N ( even still has the K&N logo on the tubing )

I’ve been watching too many truck pull videos and I have started a list of “truck things to do”

A friend of mine talks about doing the same thing with his JK and it would be pretty cool.

my buddy’s old twined 12V

lots of diesels around here, easy to up power quick but all my buddies have hell with breaking parts once they actually get fast.

I’m pretty maxed out power wise on the stock trans so until I go that route, if ever, I can’t do to much more

Ironically as reliable as my truck has been, it’s left me stranded on the road the 3 times it broke. Luckily my s4 has never done that even with the things I had fail on it

Ya big diesel fanatic, my grade 11 auto project was setting up my shop teachers 12v Cummins to run on veggie oil, was tones of fun!

Funny part is I’ve never owned a diesel… But I have a bunch of friends who do, and usually it’s a similar story, there fun but once you start going really fast, stuff starts breaking.

A friend of a friend is selling is 07 3500 ram, with the 5.9 and auto trans;

Obviously far from stock, twin turbo, with just a bunch of work done to it, running a conservative tune bringing it in around 650awhp and about 1000ftlb, built trans good to 1500hp, massive amounts of suspension work, basically it’s setup as a baja style truck, pretty gnarly doing 140+ km/h on service roads and soaking up like it’s no big deal, he’s got it up for sale for 55k cad. It’s definitely worth it, just I already have a “racecar” don’t really need a “racetruck” although would be awesome to pull RS around behind this thing.

Plus I will be using this as a daily and for 50k, I figured having a warranty would be nice! So I now have a 2016 canyon with the 2.8 duramax on its way. The motor over seas is showing great potential and I know they made some improvements for the North American market, so I’m excited!

HPA (coty built) search them up, they do swap kits for almost all the wranglers platforms, last time I checked they were just finishing off the 2.0CR TDI swap kit for the JK’s, and they are local to me so I can swing by if anyone needs me too!

I’m looking at getting a tune for my Ram EcoDiesel. The green diesel engineering (GDE) option is first on the list. Along with useable power and better mileage, they have vastly decreased soot and improved DEF mileage.

I’m also quite interested in their exhaust brake option while towing my trailer in the mountains. For obvious reasons that’s never been an option in a 1/2 tonne, and I didn’t feel the need to go up to a 3/4.

What truck did you buy again?

'15 Dodge Ram EcoDiesel Limited.

Learning to appreciate having a truck. I don’t have another truck to compare to but it’s easy to drive, comfortable and interior is nice to be in for long drives…all the bells/whistles. Bed has been very handy. Love the ram boxes. Harder to park :slight_smile: