Any interest? Track capable carbon ceramic brakes

Time to breathe fresh life into the R8 section of this forum.

I’ve been working with the U.S. distributor for Surface Transforms rotors out of England in producing a CCB replacement fitment for the R8, Hurican, Gallardo and RS5 (front) brakes.

These are continuous fiber reinforced ceramic and differ from the cast formed chopped carbon fiber CCB rotors in that they’re machined to final form. This also gives the benefit of being able to renew the rotors twice in their lifetime.

Where it’s possible to kill the OE CCB rotors in one track day, the CFRC rotors are good for 5,000+ track miles. I know some Porsche guys are getting 10,000 track miles before needing to be renewed.

Cost of renewal is $600 per rotor, 10 day turn-around currently. Cost of a four wheel replacement set is about half the cost of the OE Audi CCB rotors. Retail on these will be around $13,500 for all four rotors, two front, two rear. Direct bolt-on with no modifications necessary. Pads are off the shelf Pagids, from the RSC1 to the RSL29, etc…

For those with the base brake setup (iron rotors), there’s hope. Because they shed heat 3X faster than CCB’s, you’re able to use these with non-CCB calipers. There isn’t currently a fitment for the base, iron rotor brake setup up front as that uses a different size disk. Stock is 365x34 but my intention is to offer a 380x34mm with a caliper spacer.

The rear iron brake package on the R8 uses the same caliper and rotor dimension and the CCB upgrade disk will work on the base brake package giving you a four wheel option.

To make that fitment happen, there would need to be at least six interested individuals willing to put down a deposit and wait 6-8 weeks. Once they’re a regular production item, delivery time will be far, far shorter.

These are currently available for dozens of various makes and models from Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, McClaren, GT-R, AMG GTS/R, etc…Koenigsegg has been using them since 2004 and McClaren offers them on their “track” brake setup. If you go to the McClaren configurator and whittle up a 765LT or Senna, you’ll notice the “track” brake selection. Those are Surface Transforms rotors. A majority of the Sennas were specified with these rotors.

They offer the same weight savings as the OE CCB disks. Half the cost, 15,000 track miles over the life of the disks. On the street, they’ll last just as long as CCB’s. You could, theoretically, track your car every so often and still have these disks last for over 100,000 miles, majority street.

The CFRC rotors offer the same increase in braking forces over iron rotors and again, shed heat dramatically faster than iron or CCB rotors.

If anyone is interested in a set of the CCB replacement rotors (380x38 front, 356x32 rear), let me know via private message here or through email, The first shipment should be here in 6-8 weeks and that fitment is a done deal. Get them in time for track season!

Trying to get the base iron rotor setup rolling too as I believe it’ll be a big benefit to the non-CCB R8’s, Hurican, Gallardo and RS5’s. Again, you’d be able to just swap in the discs, no change in calipers.
Bit more about them here:

I don’t have all the fitments up on my page just yet but I do have some. You can see all the fitments here: