Any one taken the Grand Tour

Just got Amazon Prime for Christmas and with that comes the Amazon TV stuff.

Grand Tour is the Top Gear revive with the guys now out of the BBC and on Amazon.

Gran Tour is AWESOME. Its Topped Top Gear. Same great guys same great ideas but a fun spin on all the oil stuff. The car stuff is still great the film work is again second to none and the comedy is still fresh and funny.

I found the Top gear attempt at life after the original 3 was a bit of shit and couldnt make it through all the episodes but Grand Tour I have been binge watching and its GREAT. For the money and all the cool stuff you get with amazon prime it is well worth the get IMHO

for those that have seen it I would love to hear your thoughts

I’ve found it to be very uneven - some good episodes and some bad, and certain segments fall flat.

The episode “set” in South Africa was utter sh*t, IMO - almost nothing actually happened in SA, with the whole stupid anti-terrorist segment (the bulk of the show)
filmed in Jordan.

Not a fan (thus far) of the “tame American racing driver”. Such an over-the-top caricature and not funny.

All that said, I’m still watching, and hoping it gets better.

It was hard to get through a 2 hour first episode.

I didn’t understand that South Africa episode either. Hit or Miss by I’ve still watched them all…hope it gets a little more consistent

i’ve been largely enjoying it. i like all the digs at top gear and the bbc

Yes, the mud/shit, shrub, and bone cars episode was hilarious. It’s more of a comedy and entertainment with a small kinda valid performance test on that ghetto track

The American driver isn’t funny. He should have just been fat. Letting him talk is a mistake.

The south African episode was kind of mediocre. The first one was good though. And wasn’t 2 hrs…not sure what west is talking about.

I’ve watched 4 episodes, and I have to say I’m not really enjoying it…

The guys are entertaining enough in small sound bites, but not that great in the longer/scripted bits, IMO.

The setups are SO contrived that it makes them much less funny…


I watched 2 episodes, and haven’t watched one since. I think the break between this and top gear killed their momentum. It’s also hard to laugh at the same joke that we’ve seen 5 times before.

Hopefully they get better.

Started watching and got up to the Beach Buggy episode. I had to fast forward most of it. Almost 20 minutes of them doing nothing but going “WOAAAHHHHHHH THATS STEEP”

Ya…the last few episodes have been terrible. wasting me time

Watched the first episode of the new season of Top Gear last night - pretty good overall, I thought. At least everything was actually car-related…

Big improvement in the “stars in a reasonably fast car” portion, given that they’re using a Toyota 86 now…

Anyone else watch it?

I’ve watched the first two episodes of the 24th Top Gear season. Much better than the previous one they did with Evans. They definitely have room for improvement though, but going in the right direction.

Watched the 2nd episode of Top Gear, plus the add-on program “Extra Gear” immediately after.

I continue to enjoy TG much more than anything I’ve seen on the Grand Tour as yet…

While i will always love “the boys” i am enjoying the new top gear as well…I believe both shows are great in their own regard…a win win for car guys and gals

Interesting. LAst season was so painful I didn’t make it through the entire season and I couldn’t stand the two other random guys that I felt gave shitty car reviews. To me they have no credibility and It was just annoying to listen to them.

Chris Evans, the annoying radio host that’s a car collector is gone, and the main 3 presenters are now Chris Harris (well-known Brit auto journalist), Rory Reid (also a fairly well-known Brit auto journalist) and Matt LeBlanc. They seem to have pretty good chemistry, particularly Harris and LeBlanc. One could question LeBlanc, but he’s a car guy, and does a good job, IMO.

It’s well worth a look…

Anyone else been watching the current season of the Grand Tour?

I have, and IMHO it’s hugely improved from the first season. Still not stellar, but finally watchable… The “Celebrity Face Off” has even had some actual celebrities, including Rory McIlroy… (!!!)

Until, that is, the final episode, which was once again utter sh*t, IMO.

Still, overall, not bad…

I started trying to watch it again but fell asleep, bored me to sleep fast

I agree. It has drastically improved over the first season. Everything seems a bit less forced. Really enjoyed the Colorado Jag episode and the recent Rory episode – though, I still can’t understand why they thought that washed up rag Paris Hilton was a good counterpart.