Any tuners in New Jersey area dyno tuning v10?

In need of somebody in New Jersey that can dyno tune a stock motronic 9.1 ECU(s) for my swap.
5 speed manual transmission, tubular headers, and emissions delete out the ass.


Look up prime motoring in New Jersey. Ask for Damertie.

I can’t get the car to stay running and need some serious help!

Engine/transmission is all hooked up and ready to go. Both ECU’s had the immobilizers deleted and I’m not getting any weird fault codes.
The car will crank and momentarily start and before I can even turn the key to the off position it turns off. Like it runs for a split second before it says NOPE!
Any idea’s on what I could look for?

-Throttle bodies are moving with the gas pedal
-Ignition, fuel, and ecu relays bypassed to no avail

I’ve been using my neighbors generic code reader so maybe there’s something that isn’t quite popping up. OBD11 Pro from ECU Tuning gets in Tuesday, for now I’ll finish up the radiator until then.

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20210108_230931 by Joel Francisco

I’m not saying this to be rude but this looks more like a disaster than something cool.

I could list several things that would or could be why the car isn’t starting but the more I look the longer the list gets.

Well that doesn’t quite do me any good, but I appreciate the honesty…

I’ll keep plugging away in the meantime

Are you sure the immobilizer has been disabled?

Mine was doing something very similar after my engine rebuild when the ecus had been disconnected for several months.
The engine would start and run for a couple of seconds and then shut off. The words “safe mode” would be displayed in the cluster where the odo reading normally would be displayed. I had to tow the vehicle to the dealer in order for them to reset it.

Start by getting a vag com by ross tech if you’re really serious about the project. Reading things off with a generic reader are going to make it so nobody that has any deep knowledge can help.

As eng92 said it should like the immob is bad but as I said there is 30 things I saw that could be causing you not to be able to keep the car running.

If you had a hack turn off the immob… they might have and we have seen custom projects where hack immo offs turn off primary code prompts. Some people turn off the immob by turning off the report system. But the report system is in the same string if things you are going to need to know what might be wrong.

If that makes sense.

Makes total sense.

The ECU’s were sent off to the gentlemen than has a running and driving 5.2 swapped in a B5 S4. Same flywheel, same transmission.

He is not a hack by any standards and has more 4.2 swaps under his belt than anybody I can think of.

I’ve never had an Audi past 05 so the need for a legit VCDS has never came to fruition. I know I need one, I plan on getting one…

Out of curiosity without waisting too much of your time, what are the 30 things you can see just from the picture thatd cause the car to not stay running for more than half a second?

Nice to see the 1995 S6 Avant thinks its a 2007 S6.

Fuel pump is hardwired into the ignition, the starter circuit is wired into my current starter relay in the Avant.

Still having the issue where the car WILL START and then puff out.

VIN: WAUGN94F87N081441
Car: Audi S6
Year: 2007
Body type: Saloon

01 Engine

System description: 5.2L V10/4V FSI    ª
Software number: 4F1910552A
Software version: 0040
Hardware number: 4F1907552
Long coding: 01050009190F0160

Trouble codes:
    U0002 - High Speed CAN Communication Bus Performance Implausible signal
    P0616 - Starter Relay Circuit Low Lower limit not reached
    P3048 - Activation starter relay 2 Short circuit to ground Lower limit not reached
    P1912 - Pressure sensor for brake booster Open circuit/short circuit to B+ Upper limit exceeded
    P0113 - Intake Air Temperature Sensor 1 Bank 1 Circuit High Lower limit not reached
    P0102 - Mass or Volume Air Flow Sensor "A" Circuit Low Lower limit not reached
    P3089 - Fuel pump electronics signal wire Electrical error Upper limit exceeded
    P0480 - Cooling Fan 1 Control Circuit No signal/communication
    P0481 - Cooling Fan 2 Control Circuit No signal/communication
    P1923 - Check DTC memory of Engine Control Module (ECM) 2 Implausible signal

Shes up and running! Small misfire coming from Cylinder 9, already have a coilpack on the way.

Took it out for a quick spin and I’ve found a new love for the Avant (First time I’ve ever driven a 5.2).

Somewhere along the way I lost connection with K-line so we can’t tune it until I get that figured out… But for now…

20210214_130812 by Joel Francisco
20210214_160006 by Joel Francisco

That sounds glorious. Is that better sounding than the RS6 you had?

Thanks man! And that’s a tough one to answer… I’m thinking yes but I won’t know for sure for sure until I get some wide-open throttle fun time on it.
Already about 1000 miles in on the build though and I love it thus far! I added a 4" Vibrant Muffler to it to help quiet it down…

20210226_072816 by Joel Francisco

Took a decent 7 hour drive to Hawks Nest, NY this past weekend. Car performed great as always… was still on the 4,000rpm soft limiter, but a revision later this week will clear the way for 7,250rpm shifts.

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That’s it or now…

Great sound and better build!
That thing must really pull!

Oh yea…