Anyone know of a good Audi tech in Miami/surrounding areas or Sarasota/surrounding areas?

It seems that the Audi techs that I’ve seen are Audi/VW guys. When they see a V10, I can see it in their face, they wig out. These guys are really VW 4 and 6 banger mechanics. A couple have told me that they will not work on my car. The dealer wants my first born and my right eyeball plus $$$.

Ykes yeah these cars can be so wonderful but the average even decent VW mechanic won’t know much about the V10 5.2. The dealer is also a big stay away from due to the fact most of those techs have never seen these cars and for the most part they are used to working on new cars.

The sent an email to someone I know that lives in your area kinda. He works on his own car but I asked if there are any decent indy shops around.