Sorry if this has been discussed, I can’t find anything in search here. Aside from a bunch of hearsay and opinion, is there truly any proof that people crack their blocks at a certain tq level. I feel like there is a tuner specifically that is saying this and then a flock of sheeple start spitting it as gospel. Some real insight into this would be very appreciated.

mostly just B5 guys trying to blame something for shit results…or to distract themselves from their shit results. I’d ignore it.

The guys ‘cracking blocks’ tend to be the slowest cars out there. Basically dyno queens who run mid 12s at the dragstrip despite advertising 600 or 700 whp builds (when measured on the dyno of the guy who did the build and is selling the turbos) so it’s a bit weird that they make so much power yet perform like a stage 2 car.

When we start seeing guys being consistently able to run low 11s @ 125 mph, (aka making a legit 500 whp and performing like it rather than believing a bullshit dyno) then we’ll worry about which block to own as when you’re making legit power in these cars, many thing are certain to fail however worrying about the block is like 29 steps above where most B5 guys are who talk about that.

The B5 is a platform that is just lost.

So lost, between high school kids, crooks and morons this platform seems to be circling the toilet bowl. Ok thank you for the insight, your sentiment is exactly what I was thinking, but I just didn’t want to assume. I know that with the Nissan VG motor, a cracked block is typically related to the tune, and the true failures from too much power, which were a total of 2, at the wristpin (Eagle Rods) and the crank itself (3.4L stroker motor kit and twin gt35r).

Yup and yup.

I keep saying it and I’m sure others will too. The by guys are the worst thing that ever happened to the b5. They have more excuses then results and any results have been going backwards. People that have followed the real formula for the b5 still have fast running cars.

I have been modding cars for about 25 years now and have been into platform specific forums for about 10-12 years, and I have never seen so much spite between a car platform, you would think we were arguing about Chevy vs. Ford. I hate seeing so much bickering between the platforms which is unfortunate as I think all of these Audi’s are beautiful machines and each have their own defining characteristics, then I go to AZ or Facebook and start reading the comments between the B5 S4 community and I swear they would eat their young, such cannibalism, especially considering that we are all supposed to be brought together by one similarity.

Thank you for the response(s).

Most of those guys have moved on to other cars. The “new” b5 guys are obsessed with cheap Chinese parts and stolen tunes. It’s a shame really

Yeah I noticed this, and it seems like the most vocal about bashing JHm don’t drive a B5 S4 or even an Audi for that matter (Notorious and Corbett).