APR Stg 2 Turbo Failure

Not a good sign for an APR tune, car only had 6k miles and 300 of those on the tune. Some are speculating that it could be a factory issue and that VAG is constantly revising the factory turbos. Definitely a reason not to get tuned during the first couple thousand miles, especially with a new platform/engine.


Ouch. That really sucks. Hopefully he’s not on the hook for a new engine.

You don’t think its the new cowboy in town at APR.

from reading that thread, they make it seem like the turbo was going to fail whether APR tuned it our not…right?

That sucks and audi obviously isn’t going to warranty the car now.

No way they cover that car. IF i got a newer car i would probably stick with GIAC because arent they the only company right now where you can flash back to stock? I know my fathers TTS when he had GIAC you could.

is there an easy way to flash to stock? Because when your car breaks and you are 100 or 200 miles away from a GIAC dealer, that strategy is useless.

You’re also going to end up paying a fortune in tow fees lol.

Unless shit has changed, my fathers had a plug in with buttons on it. You buy it from GIAC. You can then plug it into where the Vag com cable goes and you can instantly flash from your tune, to stock or even a EXTREME limp mode for valets (i wouldnt let a valet guy touch my car no matter what).

I don’t think that is flashing to stock. I think that is selecting a GIAC tune with stock parameters. Sounds like program switching. Still gets flagged TD1.

Yes that sounds like program switching.

From what I understand it doesn’t even matter if you flash back to stock the ecu has a access counter so if you flash a tune and flash back to stock the counter will show 2 more flash counts. When the dealer checks for TD1 you can be stock how they catch you is the ecu flash counter.

I don’t know about giac but I believe apr has talked about being able to flash the counter.