Are their any b5 a4 owners on this forum?

My car actually does a little better with more boost, but I decided to run less boost so that my clutch would hopefully hold up. How much power is the single making now, compared to what you are hoping to put down tomorrow? Also what spark plugs do you like to use when you tune cars?

Faw you dyno a whole lot it seems. Is it free?

car is on 25 psi and I’d guess about 450-500whp right now. I’d like to run it at 32 to 34 psi and see what she does.
I like the bkr7e the bosch sidefires have worked out really nicely as well. The fsi coil conversion is another good way to go… huge plug gap with those.

 Good luck tomorrow. What dyno if you don't mind?

The old Turbo trix facility in edison, nj.
now called night shift performance.

made 440 whp @28psi on a blown turbo :stuck_out_tongue:
left at wg pressure 17 psi pushing 420whp

I was scratching my head trying to figure out the problem… about 1/8th in. of axial play.