Are their any b5 a4 owners on this forum?

I own and love my 1996 2.8 single turbo more than I could ever care about my 2001 black s4, which is in the process if being sold/excommuinicated.

More about the 2.8 single turbo setup please!

I thought it was a 2.7T with 2.8 heads and 1 turbo.

034 has a single turbo kit for the 2.7T but they think it will be usable on the 2.8 B5 A4. Should be interesting to see how that goes. Proabably under $6,000 installed. PITA job though.

the 034 kit is built around the 2.8 exhaust manifolds and was orignially intended for the 2.8 (Max@034s daily driver) so I think it should work fine

that’s what I said above, but it’s a pita job according to 034. Lots of stuff needs to be done…you don’t just glue a turbo on in an afternoon.

I was confirming, I think theres no doubt it will physically bolt into a 2.8 a4 in the same manner it does for the 2.7

Gt3788r. 2.8 block originally before the engine started knocking. Now I have a 2.7 block with RPM rods and a set of 2.7 heads with 2.8 cams. I am the first to build a and use a custom intake manifold on a 2.7 engine. I am also the first to use the 2.8 manifolds on a single turbo build.

Did mention that I built my car almost 3 years ago and I have the longest running single turbo build ever?

^^only thing is it’s kind of walking, not exactly running :smiley:

Walking is good. It’s the next step up from crawling. I hope to try on a new pair of running sneakers soon, if Gods offer still stands

My employee is a b5 a4 owner. Goes to the track some, not the fastest et but traps 113 on a 1.8t. It’s his only car and drives everyday to work , about 70 miles round trip.

B5 A4 owner right here ;D

Yes it does. Im happy to keep my word.

I sent you a PM

What’s the word on that?

Interesting… When did salts finish his first sngle setup?

What’s interesting?
And who is Salts? Lol

Aaron Saltsman aka “Salts”, finished his first version at least 3 years ago. It has undergone several large changes, and I believe he was parting it out to start all over again

I new who the pr¡çK was. He built his First flop just as I was putting my car together. He is the guy that sold guru the heart of his build (his intake manifold)

This is interesting that you are the first to do all of this.

I only mentioned it because I believe it to be true. My car has been through a lot, but I keep it up and running. I went to the dyno yesterday with some known problems and put down 550whp/500wtq. I’m trying to make it to the track soon to see if I will be able to do better than 14’s. Also keep up the good work with the tunes you have been spitting out lately.

Thanks… 550/500 is no joke. I’m looking forward to seeing some good track times out of your setup.
I’m actually putting a pte 6265 single s4 on the dyno tomorrow morning to see what we can do with the clutch thats on there now.