Atco on the 15th of May....

It took me awhile sorry guys…

So, made it to the private event at Atco dragway with a bunch of the guys on May 15th. The slip above is my first run with second gear short shift and a funky switch into 5th as I was crossing the finish line. Second run an 11.250 with a 1.6’s 60ft no traction. Then 60fts progressively got worse with my worst and last run being a 1.91 no traction to be found. All runs except for one were mash/go except for a 4K launch that ended up with car alsmot sideways again, Surprisingly 60ft was 1.7’s . There was really no track prep it seems the track staff showed up around 9:50am and just basically told us ok you can start racing. Wondering what the fall will bring, looking into a couple of little changes which include HFCs for the fall. Mph was very good just wished I could’ve hooked a couple of more times. Car definitely adapted after first run. I drove it there on the race gas but didn’t really open her up to let time completely settle in. Also might look into a better tire car definitely needs it, although Contis are a great all around tire, time to step it up.

WOW great runs. A very impressive time.

Come to our private event at MIR October 16th- look us up in C7 section of AZ.

Nice job bud! Glad you posted the time over here… That trap is great and surely enough to get you to the 10’s…

Just found it, I’d love to be there but drIving down on race fuel is not an option. Only if can make it on the 93 tune. I’ll leave a post as a standby. I have to finish fire it out, 4 hours plus driving for me.

Thank you Prime, we’ll have other shots at it lol.

It’s 2.5 hours for me too, I’m Driving there on 93 with 2 pails of 260+ and can in back -we’re staying in Alexandria which is about 40 miles away, just time your fill up to about when we get to Hotel or shortly after then switch to race and you’ll have plenty of time to adapt. All of us RS guys will be on 104 so we will have a strategy in place.

are you unable to program switch with the newer stages of modifications?



coming soon? Couple of weeks?

Still…killer time and trap. Amazing to see. Who knew a throttle body and a few adjustments would be so productive. Well, I mean besides Primetime who mentioned this ages ago and Count Vohn who said this was a weak spot on the car back in 2015.