Audi 4.2 q7 2008 transmission service

Hey guys my q7 is 210000kms im nervous about doing a trans service. Any thoughts experience on these would be nice. I know it has been done in the past probably 80000km ago or more.
Now as a mechanic but not on these cars will i be risking tranmission failure with a fluid change or are these transmission strong. It shifts fine no problem at all but id like to servuce fluid and filter.


It’s not that hard but if you’ve never done an Audi ZF or ASIN transmission service it can be difficult as you need to fill the fluid while watching the transmission temps. And you have to pump the fluid into the pan as it’s not a gravity system.

If you used good fluid and don’t tow I don’t know that it’s a really big deal that you change the fluid. Especially if you used good fluid.

You obviously know your way around cars as you’re aware changing fluid on some older transmissions causes more harm than good. I don’t see that being the case here