Audi 4.2 q7 2008

Hey guys just entered site new member .
Love this car but nervous i bought a timing chain issue.
Basically bought with missfire. Found the injectors where faulty , removed and had tested 4 came back bad ,4 where good.
Now i instaled x4 new injectors amd 4 old ones.
I put 2 new and 2 old on each bank.
Car starts up no chain noise nothing sounds good, but aftet a minute or 2 after warm up im getting missfires codes . Cylinder 1-3 & 6-8
I have new plugs new coils, i swapped coils missfire didnt follow.
Im thinking the old injectors could be bad . I erase the codes and they cone back on after 2min.
At higher speed its smooth.

X8 new plugs
X8 new coils
X4 new injectors hitachi
X4 old that are apparently ok after being tested.

P0301,p0303, p0306,p0308 and on scanner there missing a lot using launch scanner.
Also p2414 o2 sensor bank 1 sens 1, and knock 4 sensor code sometimes p132b .
Could the old injectors be shit.
I dnt remember what cylinder i put the old injectors.

Help would be great.

Welcome to the right site to get the help you’re going to want. We have a lot of Techs on here whom can help. Let me suggest this. Do you have an actual Vag-com cable or just an obdII tool?

If needed we can help you do logs. Logs if needed can help tell real time data. Also if you don’t have a vag-com it might be worth the money due to the fact you can grab the freeze frame data. That too will help.

I don’t myself have your codes memorized but my advise would be. See if you can publish the full error definition for myself and others to help… . Get 4 new injectors. In the RS4 motors these similar injectors are notorious for going bad. Even if they tested decent it’s not if they’ll go bad its when. On the 5.2 and 4.2 injectors happen to be one of the biggest reasons for misfires.

Hey guys this all happens at idle ,under load and driving 80 100km its smooth! The reply os geeat i appriciate everyone’sinput.i have a luanch scanner that i can choosse channels but i dnt know whta channel numbers .i can watch live data and can see cylinder 1,3,6,8 missing.

Willing to bet that the injectors are bad. A lot of shops don’t test them at a high enough pressure so they don’t see the failures because the idle fuel pressure is between 20-30 bar and most shops only test up to 4-6 bar like port injection fuel injectors. I sell rebuilt OEM fuel injectors. Here is a link:

update guys i appriciatethe help , 8 new injectors and the csr runs unreal smooth pulls its besutiful.
I need more help if possible. I have no cruse control . And a ecu incorrect coding. It doesnt effect my vehicle but can i fix my self.
Cruse is dead does it run a fuse , i have no function wen trying to activate it. I can scan it with my launch scanner and give u guys some info to help me.

Sorry I thought I posted on this. Post the scanner logs. If you can’t access it then the module is going to be down. But check and let us know.