Audi A3 Gen 3 Stage 2 runs 12.4 at 112

its impressive the weight is the big factor

stage 2 2.0T should be good for what…about 275 whp? In a 3200 lb car or so? Makes sense. DSG is awesome too…makes sure you’re always perfect.

It doesn’t say what fuel was used on that particular run and its FWD.

Be nice to know day and time for da purposes funny the slip doesn’t show it… Also, Not sure why he would manually shift? Quick car though little surprised at the 1.93 60 as that’s weak really… Nice trap though… Oh I’d guess race gas…

It was on race gas.

Wow, that is really fast for that level of mods. Pretty crazy to think you can get that out of a $32k car, or whatever it costs to get the AWD option and 2.0T. I believe APR ran a mk7 GTI at 13.1@110, so not the launch, but HP sounds ballpark. I wonder what the new Golf R will be capable with just bolt-ons and ECU flash.

Anyone have an idea why the current 2.0T has so much more headroom? I’m not too familiar with the intricacies of that motor, but my GF has a mk6 GTI, not sure I could convince her to tune it lol.

My next car will probably be a Focus RS, so it’ll be cool to see how this segment performs.

makes no torque, and if it’s FWD so that makes some sense. The trap speed is good for 12.1-12.2 with DSG. He’s losing lots of time on the launch.

My bad… thought the A3 was AWD and the GTI fwd…

so did I. I’m actually shocked you can buy an A3 fwd.

Maybe I was wrong, I’m not seeing any option for a 2T FWD…only 1.8 and TDI’s.

I wouldn’t call ~370ftlbs at the crank for a lightweight car “no torque” (even if it’s a bit “peaky”)…and it’s likely more than that if it was race fuel. That’s just a bad start. I turn pretty consistent 1.80’s (on pump) with a heavier car, less torque (my K04 vs the A3’s smaller stock turbo), slower transmission and tires that IMO aren’t great for starts (Mich Super Sports).

370 ft lbs at 2000 RPM? Wow. Show me the dyno of that!

Because that’s what RPM you launch at…

Well IMO the moral of this story is they need to be a little more explicit on details, IE DA, FWD vs AWD, gas, etc.

With my K04 I launch at just shy of 3K and that is about where that stock turbo in the A3 makes peak torque.

Here’s a Crank Dyno of APR’s Stage 1 tune at 100oct…“about” what Unitronics Stage 2 would do on pump. However, the Unitronic car was likely Stage 2 with race fuel…so elevated from this Dyno.

For Perspective…
Here’s a B8 A4 Stage 2 APR pump tune that was also giving me 1.80 60’ times (before I went K04). The new gen EA888’s and especially the transverse models make much more power everywhere and are lighter. That 60’ time with a good launch will be 1.7x.

But doesn’t that assume you are already generating back pressure at 3k? The dyno is run from low rpm to start with. I would speculate that when you launch at 3k, there is a delay (while you build exhaust pressure) until you make it onto that dyno curve. Takes time to spool up the turbos.

Not to take away from this performance, but just saying you won’t have instant 370 lb ft on launch. Hence the bad 60 ft but very impressive trap.