Audi etron Sportback

Audi’s first fully electric car to come? 2.8 sec 0-60MPH time!

Link didn’t work for me


It says 4.5 seconds. Man is that thing ugly too.

Yeah, in KMPH… reread.

Reread what? It says 0-100kph in 4.5 seconds. 100kph is 62mph. That extra 2mph isn’t taking 1.7 seconds. Are you saying it takes 2.8 seconds to get to 60kph?

Miles per hour (American measurement), might be slightly off now that you mention 60/62 difference. I’ll redo the math…

2.796s 0-62MPH

It says 4.5 on the site.

Where are you getting 2.796?

I just realized you’re doing this 4.5 * .62137 which is wrong. The seconds remain constant. 100kph = 62.137mph meaning it takes the same amount of time to reach each of those because they’re the same.

lawl at this math.
1Mph = 1.6Kph
0.62Mph = 1Kph
this is like 3rd grade math

Its acutally more like 4.35 sec 0-60 MPH if you do the math right.


Yeah, I’m an idiot. Bad math is bad, and the day is already long. /thread, taking my various Ls on this one. Not sure why the hell i thought the seconds for the same distance would change due to conversion… it is ~4.35s in 0-60MPH. Slow.

haha no worries. its funny how 4.35 0-60 is now slow when we’re used to hearing electrics in the 2s. They are stating ~500km (~312 miles) range which is similar to teslas 90 Kw/h setup.

Someone will figure out how to “tune” the Audi enabling a quicker discharge dropping that 0-60 in the low 3s