AUDI Q7 2014 TO 2016

Good Morning. Any thoughts, good or bad, on whether to go gas or diesel on a 2014-2016 Audi Q7? No towing, half hwy and half city. Mostly concerned with repairs costs and reliability, just like everyone else.

I drove a standard non S line gas 3.0T and I felt it under powered a bit. I did a tune up on the car checked the usual water pump issues and it was free from issues being the newer model. Over all the 2013+ audi line is really still very current and up to date tech wise and enjoyment wise from in cab experience.

The Q7 has what seems to be all the updated gadgets.

The diesel gets mixed reviews as well. But IMHO in stock trim is a better option. The extra 70wtq is a big gain over the standard 3.0 gas version.

I know You can tune the 3.0 gas but you can also do the same to the 3.0 TDI. Personally I like a lot of the recent Audi TDI cars. While I haven’t be in the Q7 TDI. I think from everything we know. It is a solid selection

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Very much appreciated!