AUDI R8 5.2 Intake Manifold on an S6 5.2

Quick question ya’ll
Will a r8 intake work on a s6 or s8?
A Gallardo intake is questionable too.
By the looks of it, the only difference i see in the mounting screws are different. But, im sure those could be made(drilled and tapped). Another thing is a custom cowl hood would need to be made (would look pretty sweet) :smiley:

I got a screwed up intake manifold( flaps busted all to s*** and aim to replace asap but i dont wanna shell out 2000 for a JHM intake. I would like having something with more room to breathe because i plan on a remote mount twin turbo setup in the near future.

let me know what you guys think

If you’re not gonna pay the …$2k for the new manifold, i cant see you paying $7-$10k for the Gallardo intake manifold.

The stock manifold is a wiz-bang version of a dual plane intake from back in the day where as the Gallardo / R8 intake is basically a single plane manifold set up. Each one has its +/-

If the S6/S8 wasnt such a tank, the single plane would be worth it.

you may be suprised how cheap you can find those things. I saw an rs6 manifold for 200 and an r8 manifold for around 1000 about a year ago. yeah its true the lambo intake is 4k and up cheapest i ever saw one was 2500 on ebay, but i think it was bare. Im just into R&D ideas and how these intakes would help the engine breath under boost.

Morning! Did any one pursue this at all?

This has been a big issue and it’s best we catalog this and get some data going.

The lambo and R8 intake all will work but they don’t fit well. For whatever reason some people thought putting on a RS6 intake (completely won’t fit) was a good idea. These intakes all have the same main issue. 1 they’re a bit expensive but still most likely cheaper than a new multi stage S6 or S8 intake. But when you look at the end of everything it’s still not for the low rpm 5.2. 2. The single stage intakes KILL low rpm Low Tq power. The low rpm S6 and S8 require a 3 foot long runner as that’s how long the long runner is on the multi stage intake. When you loose that you’ll loose most of your low end TQ… Most people have just gotten the JHM tune and this has been overwhelming in the amount of Tq you’re able to get.

With all of this. For nothing other than time you can remove your intake and just gut the intake. From there you basically have a single stage intake and you’ve spent no money. All that and you’re still better off than getting a single stage intake.

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