Audi s6 2007 axles

Hey guys of course after a transmission there must be a axle problem lol

The front right axles are clicking. I did ask raxles but it’s $500

Does anyone know a cheaper option like does the axles from maybe a a6 or something fit it if anyone knows at all.

Also ps the pcv im pretty sure went bad on the car it was a vaico brand so I shouldn’t be surprised for $40

I did order a febi one and hopefully that stops the lean codes and the oil leak at the back of both of the valve covers in the corner

It did this last time when the pcv was acting up but didn’t get lean codes tho

It must be bad

Raxles in my mind are more high performance axles and usually the OEM ones hold up quite well. Even with the full Monty of JHM mods.

I don’t remember OEM ones being that much.

Also a good smoke test is not a bad idea every oil change. Lots of little pin hole leaks can pop up.

I may have to go with raxles but yeah that oil leak still came even after I changed the gasket it was when I changed that pcv before it stopped for a couple months and here we are again

The pcv was vaico for $40. Now the one I ordered is febi so ya know if it stops yay if not then I’ll change the gaskets and inspect the covers to make sure they aren’t cracked or anything but those the only places

I was looking everywhere and raxles ended up being the best option. Oem was well over a grand for me from what I remember. My only problem with raxles is that they didn’t have any s6 axles on hand so I had to send mine for them to repair and send back which led to a couple of weeks without my car. Quality seemed top notch though.

I used raxles for both my rears a year or so ago and have been very happy with them.

That’s what I’m going to have to go with. The click on my axles isn’t too bad yet I have some time.

My drivers side inner just went. I am thinking about trying out that pneumatic boot stretching tool

Food for thought on axle availability. In the past I have purchased both axles from O’rielly’s auto parts, not 100% but I’m pretty sure they were both under $180 us. If needed I can always procure part #’s if needed…

I bought replacement raxles. Have both on the front lifetime warr. Raxles ftw

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