Autotech fuel pump kit

Hi everyone it’s been awhile hope everyone’s doing well. Looking into increasing fuel flow in the S4. I have two options inline hpfp or the auto tech fuel pump mod. Leaning towards the Auto tech solution because I’d rather not splice wires etc to achieve the objective. Has the kit been widely used enough that we can assume it’ll be safe for everyday driving and not cause any catastrophic circumstances if it fails. It is advertised that it increases fuel pressure by 10 Bar which 147psi. What would actually be the difference between the Auto tech kit and an inline auxiliary pump like a Walbro which is rated at 255lph in terms of fuel line pressure and fuel volume, is it one in the same or different way of delivering more fuel flow? Does anyone have suggestions, advice or want to educate me on the two options above. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Well to start off I would wonder a few things. Why do you feel you need this. Honest question here if you log your car do you find its adding fuel. When you log do you find that your actual vs requested fuel demands are not being met. Because really adding extra pumps is a nice add on but the ECU tune is requesting voltage to the intank pump and the rail hpfp will blow off extra fuel pressure if it goes past the rail valve.

If you go in tank pump the fuel filter on the other FSI cars has the FPR in it so doing an intank wouldn’t up the pressure as the fuel filter FPR would dump off the extra pressure.

Ill be honest I don’t know much about the 3.0FSI but I know a good amount from the 4.2 and 5.2 3.2 FSI motors So I will be happy to help as much as I can and try to give you several things to think about before plunging into this.

I’ve been using Ethanol/93 Mix lately and would like to bump the ratio for the race tune. I am looking into the GIAC inline pump also which operates by boost, turns on after 10psi of Boost. Basically looking to keep the car safe with the addition of E85 to the equation.

Shoot away I take everything into consideration, always willing to learn something knew…

The Autotech HPFP upgrade just replaces the internals.

The same HPFP/Upgrade is used on a lot of the newer Audi’s.

Fits Audi 2.5 & 3.0 TFSI Motors:
TT RS 2.5L / RS3 Sportback 2.5L / B8 S4 3.0T / SQ5 Q7 3.0T / A6 A7 A8 3.0T / Touareg 3.0T / B8.5 S5 3.0T

2 Kits required for Audi 4.0T 5.0T TFSI Motors: Audi R8 V10 & Lamborghini Gallardo & C6 Audi RS6 & 4.0TFSI V8TT ( S6 S7 RS6 RS7 S8 )

I somewhat wrote a DIY here:

I got frustrated removing the retaining ring and forgot to take pictures of that part :-X

I tried to do it with pliers and failed. Ended up just using a punch and hammer to spin it off.

Picking up the tool to remove it will save you a headache.

I also switched to the Flexfuel LPFP. This was easy and a straight drop in.

It moved my ceiling up a bit but I am still having fueling issues… Meh.

So far I’ve ran E35 with 93 tune, lambda in the super low . 8’s I’ve ran the car from second gear roll in Mexico against some worthy opponents and did very well with stock fueling. So, it seems to be doing ok with the 93 tune but I want some insurance if I’m going to do this with 104 file… as for removing the pump I have a really good guy that will do it for me… he has the tools necessary, save a little on things I’ll probably only use once… we’ll see what the outcome will be once everything is in place… hope, you figure out what’s going on with your setup car seems to be running strong especially in the climate you’re in…

That is funny because I did the same exact thing when I installed that kit on a B8.5 S4 recently.

Duly noted Jimmy and Geoff, I’ll have to confirm he’s got all the tools necessary…