B5 RS4 Avant in Montreal for sale


I’m envisioning Saki and I in a drag race all the way to Lachine, checks in hand IF this thing were priced properly…

If that was $25,000 I would say no thanks. If it was $15,000 I would say no thanks. I really don’t consider it. It’s a depreciating, unreliable 15 year old Audi from a period when Audi was near dead last in all reliability studies. It’s not a collector. It’s not appreciating. It’s not that fast (low 12s @ 113 with a tune is bolt on RS4 type performance, or tune/pulley B8 performance. The interior is horrible and outdated. The exterior is ok, but the back isn’t so hot.

All around I can’t really get that excited about that car, even if it were readily available here.

Bring one of these over and I will warm up my chequebook.




[quote]warm up my chequebook

jeez now I’m all riled up that Audi didn’t bring over their cool avants

Mercedes is lobbying Canada to join the rest of the world crash testing standard and leave the US system behind.

The US system means we only get us sold cars. And that means no wagons. Or no low margin high cost cars from small makers because they have to crash test then twice. Once for the rest of the world and once for America.

If we switch to rest of world, we will have access to EVERYTHING.

Didn’t realise that Mercedes were actively trying to convince Canada to go ROW. That should be interesting. Will the TPP have any impact on this sort of thing?


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